Samsung may launch the Gear S3 and Galaxy Tab S3 at IFA 2016

Samsung traditionally releases new devices at the IFA trade show in Berlin every year and in 2016 the company is expected to unveil a new tablet and smartwatch. Samsung has previously unveiled new Galaxy Note flagships at IFA but given that the new phablet is being unveiled in New York on August 2, it means that Samsung will have some other devices for us at IFA 2016.

Italian technology journalist Antonio Monaco, who has been right on many occasions in the past, says that Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Gear S3 smartwatch at IFA 2016. He says that the Gear S3 is going to look more like a conventional wristwatch and that it will feature built-in GPS. Not much information is available about the Galaxy Tab S3 right now. Samsung launched an updated version of the Galaxy Tab S2 earlier this year so a proper high-end tablet is due from the company but it’s unclear right now what the specifications of this tablet are going to be. It’s more likely that Samsung will unveil the Gear S3 at IFA 2016 as there’s no conclusive evidence available at this point in time to support the theory that a new high-end tablet will be unveiled by Samsung in the coming weeks.

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