Samsung possibly testing a Galaxy Note 7 with 6-inch display

Almost all of the leaks about the Galaxy Note 7’s specifications have suggested that the upcoming flagship phablet is going to have a dual-edge 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, but it appears that Samsung is testing a variant of this handset with a 6-inch display and it’s unclear whether or not it’s also a dual-edge display like the one that was recently seen in leaked images.

A listing on import tracker Zauba shows that Samsung has imported a variant of the Galaxy Note 7 into India from South Korea for testing, it bears model number SM-N930R4 and is mentioned as having a screen size of 6-inches. We’ve already told you that SM-N930 is the model number for the Galaxy Note 7 so there are a couple of possibilities that we must consider here. Either this is just a prototype that Samsung is testing and the final product is going to stick with the 5.7-inch display or it’s merely an error in the Zauba listing that erroneously mentions the screen size as 6-inches. There’s not much evidence to support the existence of a 6-inch Galaxy Note 7 at this point in time so take this with a grain of salt at least until we come upon some more information.


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