Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow update released by Sprint

It seems Sprint is on a roll today. Just a few hours ago the carrier released Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5 and it has now started rolling out Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 4. The update comes in at around 1.4GB and brings all of the features and improvements that are part and parcel of Marshmallow.

Sprint is rolling out software version N910PVPU4DPC1 for the Galaxy Note 4 today. It may take a while for the update to go live for everybody but now that Sprint has started the roll out Galaxy Note 4 owners on the fourth largest mobile carrier in the United States can rest easy knowing that sooner or later the update notification will pop up on their handset. It brings Android version 6.0.1 with the March 1 Android security patch. Sprint users who have the Galaxy Note 4 can go into the Settings menu followed by About device and Software Update and mash the Update now button to get the update to download.


Thanks, Jason!

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1 year 12 days ago

When will update to marshmallow sm-n910w8 for Canadian?

1 year 14 days ago

note4 n910g the update marshmallo

1 year 15 days ago

when the marshmallow update available for Note 4

1 year 16 days ago

When will n910F note4 UK will get update of 6.0.1 in Pakistan ?

1 year 19 days ago

i cant get the update yet of my note 4 n910

1 year 21 days ago

to 910c will be published when?

1 year 21 days ago

I guess I have another question. Since it took until 5.1.1 to get the Note 4 to work as well as it did with 4.4.4. Should I hold tight. What do sprint users think of 6.0.1? Some things sound like a let down, although I know the camera can’t produce Raw photos and some other miracles sounding expectations. I would be a lot happier with timely security updates. RIGHT NOW THE NOTE 6 WILL HAVE TO IMPRESS ME… OR SINCE LG CAN TAKE A HINT, I MAY GO BACK…

1 year 21 days ago

If the Note 4 is unencrypted when 6.0.1 is installed can you encrypt it later, perhaps even toggle back and forth like with 5? Note 4 still waiting for Verizon…..

jide ofor
1 year 22 days ago

The question is, will Samsung release marshmallow for note 4 before note 6 comes out?.

1 year 23 days ago

N910c ?? With 64 bits enabled?????.

1 year 23 days ago

Note 4 N910C ???????????

1 year 23 days ago

When for note edge in Poland

1 year 23 days ago

When for note edge

1 year 24 days ago

Waiting for South Africa Note4 SM-N910H MM update? Suppose Sammy needs time to add all their bloat. Wotjucando?

jide ofor
1 year 26 days ago

Samsung, where is mashmellow for Note 4 N910f Europe? Today is 1st April.

1 year 27 days ago

No bady isn’t in sam mobile answer the questions?really very funny

1 year 27 days ago

I’m very upset with Samsung, still waiting for Android 6, gonna die waiting i think… My note 4 SM-N910C still with lillipop, anyone knows about android 6 for note 4 910C???

1 year 28 days ago

What is the f***ing problem that Samsung was not released Android 6.0.1 for note 4 sm-n910f all over world. Why????????
Samsung released android 6 for galaxy s5 but not yet for note4.

1 year 28 days ago

Who can tell me when andoid 6 release for note 4 n910c poland ?

1 year 28 days ago

Probably in the next one to two weeks.. Samsung SHOULD release it by then.
Many people use N910F and N910C as they are international variants.
So if Samsung doesn’t release the update soon, many users are going to get pissed.


1 year 28 days ago

are you sure ?

jide ofor
1 year 29 days ago

I thought by 29th of march, we should be seeing mashmellow for Note 4 N910f Europe from samsung.

1 year 30 days ago

It seems that the Marshmallow update released by Samsung does not have theme store, note 5 keyboard, weather widget etc..

I’m sure note 4 is definitely capable of handling these minor features. However, Samsung want’s to keep the precious features only for the latest models, even for the devices which cost 1/3 of note 4 price.

Samsung should learn from Apple!

1 year 28 days ago

That’s why I’m running the Note5 port,MOAR Rom. Its awesome. Its 5.1.1.

1 year 30 days ago

when the marshmallow update available in India SM910G model

1 year 30 days ago

So when start marshmallow android for note 4 we die from long wait sam mobile

1 year 1 month ago

Is adoptable storage available?

1 year 29 days ago

Now I can answer my own question. Adoptable storage isn’t present. To enable it you have to try the ADB commands.
S Pen Air command and S Note are updated, but no new camera app to take advantage of the Marshmallow camera features like RAW.

The update seems to be very disappointing!