Samsung to push Quantum Dot TVs this year with 14 new models

Samsung said today that it will launch fourteen new SUHD TV models this year, maintaining its commitment to Quantum Dot technology rather than shifting to OLED technology. Samsung is aiming to sell more than 50 million TVs this year with 10 percent of them being high-end ones with double the profit of regular TVs.

The South Korean electronics giant, which is the largest TV maker in the world, is facing fierce competition from Chinese brands. Despite its South Korean rival LG shifting to OLED technology for high-end TVs, Samsung continues to pour money in Quantum Dot technology, which is used in its SUHD TVs.

Kim Hyun-seok, Samsung’s President and TV chief said, “following the first launch last year, we have applied the second-generation quantum dot technology this year that has upgraded overall picture quality,” at a press conference in Seoul. We will continue to unveil new generation models” he added.

Quantum Dot technology is more energy efficient than regular LCD technology and it also offers better picture quality. However, other brands are reluctant to adopt this technology due to presence of cadmium, a heavy toxic metal, which is opposed by regulatory authorities in many countries. Samsung is the only company that provides cadmium-free Quantum Dot TVs.

Samsung says that OLED technology isn’t complete yet, and the company doesn’t want to enter the OLED market unless current issues including durability and brightness are resolved. The company claims that its second-generation Quantum Dot TVs will be better than OLED TVs from LG.


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