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Samsung is skeptical about OLED TVs


Last updated: March 17th, 2016 at 11:13 UTC+02:00

Reports came out earlier his year that Samsung may reintroduce OLED TVs in 2017, but the company said that it’s still skeptical about the technology. The company thinks that the market is still nascent for OLED TVs due to higher panel cost and trickier manufacturing technology.

Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-gun said yesterday that the company is continuing research on OLED panels, but there are no plans on mass producing them yet. “We do not think larger OLED has enough potential although it is attracting a lot of attention,” he said. Samsung is trying to further improve the picture quality of LCD TVs, including its Quantum Dot TVs.

OLED is clearly a better technology than LCD because each pixel creates its own backlight, hence it boasts perfect blackness and higher color contrast. However, it is tricker and costlier to manufacture OLED panels. LG and Panasonic have jumped on to the OLED bandwagon, but Samsung is still assessing its marketability.

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