Samsung may reintroduce OLED TV lineup in 2017

Even though Samsung uses Super AMOLED displays in its smartphones, tablets, and wearables, the company isn’t pushing OLED TVs. The company had released some OLED TV models, but removed them at a later stage. Instead, the South Korean electronics giant is pushing the Quantum Dot technology for its high-end TVs in 2016. However, a report from OLED Association predicts that Samsung may reintroduce an OLED TV lineup in 2017.

Apparently, Samsung will bring OLED TVs with HDR and 8K resolution in 2017 to compete with LG. Interestingly, the report predicts that Samsung will adopt transparent graphene electrode, a top-emission architecture, an IGZO backplane, and RGBW pixel arrangement technologies for its OLED TV units. The company may not use soluble OLEDs due to their relatively shorter lifetime.

In 2017, Samsung may showcase a “near production” prototype smartphone with a foldable display (Project Valley), which we reported exclusively last year. The report also predicts that Apple might make a formal announcement about contracting Samsung and LG for supplying flexible OLED panels for the iPhone in 2018.

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Samsung as made oled TVs before now, I be thinking they mean 4K and above as it was only 1080p oleds TVs they made in the past


Thanks for updating your blog


Well, they’re not currently making any, which is what counts.