Sport to Strap Adapter for the Gear S2 hits Kickstarter

Samsung sells two design variants of the Gear S2 – Gear S2 (Sport) and Gear S2 Classic – priced at $299 and $349, respectively. Sure, you can buy the lower-priced Gear S2, but there’s a catch. The Sport variant comes with Samsung’s proprietary watch strap adapter, and only straps made by Samsung can be used with it. Samsung offers a limited collection of watch straps, so you are out of luck if you like something other than that.

Now, the an adapter that can convert Samsung’s proprietary watch strap connecter into a universal watch strap connector has popped up on Kickstarter. You can get yourself an ‘S2SA’ (Sport to Strap Adapter) for your Gear S2 Sport or Gear S2 Sport 3G by pledging €80 towards the project on Kickstarter. At this price, you get to choose one pair of the S2SA in whichever color you like, and you can get it shipped to any location by April 2016.

If you are in a hurry, you can pledge €100 or more so that you can get it delivered as soon as March 2016. There are thousands of strap designs out there on Amazon, Ebay, or any other regular watch store. With this S2SA adapter, you can use any usual watch strap of your liking with your Gear S2 Sport. If you like this accessory, you can go ahead and back the project on Kickstarter by hitting the source link below.

Samsung Gear S2 Sport S2SA Round & Straight Watch Strap Connectors

Samsung Gear S2 Sport S2SA Watch Strap Connector


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