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Here’s how you can customize notifications on the Samsung Gear S2

Smartwatch makers often stress the design language of these new mobile devices, but most consumers buy a smartwatch for not only design appeal but also notifications. After all, if watches are to be as smart as “smartphones,” and smartphones include notifications, then smartwatches should have no less.

What should also impress smartwatch owners is that smartwatches can have customized notifications similar to smartwatches; you need only customize notifications on Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Gear S2, to have the personal experience you want. In this latest Tips and Tricks post, we show you how to customize notifications on the Gear S2 so that you only get buzzed at the times you want for the apps you want.

To customize notifications on the Gear S2, you’ll need to make sure your Gear S2 smartwatch is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Once you connect your Gear S2 to your Android smartphone, you’ll see the Gear Manager app pop up on your smartphone and head right into your smartwatch settings.

Here's how you can customize notifications on the Samsung Gear S2

Gear Manager notification settingsWhen inside Gear Manager settings, select “Notifications,” then “Manage notifications” at the top of the notification settings. You should see the number of apps listed below the option in gray letters.

Gear Manager apps approved

Upon arriving in your notifications, select the ones you want to notify you by selecting the square boxes to the left of the app name. Once you’ve selected all the app notifications you want, tap “done” at the top right. You can then exit the Gear Manager app or head back to Gear Manager settings.

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