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How to take a screenshot on your Gear VR

So, you’re all set up with your brand new Samsung Gear VR, and you want to share some of your visual experiences with the rest of the world? As it turns out, this isn’t quite as easy as you would hope. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to take screenshots on your Gear VR.

As easy as it is to takeĀ a screenshot on your Galaxy phone, the required home and power buttons are not reachable when your Galaxy S6 or Note 4 is docked in the Gear VR headset. That leaves two options. One requires additional hardware, the other does not.

When we asked Samsung about all this, they suggested we connect a Bluetooth keyboard with a Print Screen button to our phone. Press that button and you will find your screenshots in your gallery. While this is practically the easiest way to go about it, many users do not have such a keyboard lying around.

The other option is to install a screen recorder app. Many can be found in the Play Store, some are even available for free, no root access required. Start your screen recorder, put your Galaxy in the Gear VR and do whatever you need captured. Afterwards, take out your phone and play the resulting video file directly on your Galaxy, making screenshots the old fashioned way. Alternatively, you can copy the video file to your PC and take your screen captures using software of your own choice.

Obviously, neither is a perfect solution, but until Samsung andĀ Oculus come up with a better way, this is as good as it gets.


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