TaskS2 for the Gear S2 opens up a world of possibilities

For those who are unaware Tasker is an app that provides users with countless possibilities of automating actions on their mobile device, anything from checking the temperature of their smart home to sending a text message when the battery dies. The possibilities are limitless. Imagine having that ability right on your wrist, and if you happen to own the Gear S2, then you can actually take advantage of it. TaskS2 is a Tasker interface for the Gear S2 smartwatch.

TaskS2 enables users to control their phones remotely, trigger actions related to online services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and others as well as control smart home devices like Nest, Philips Hue, Wemo and much more. Combined with IFTTT there are more than 250 services that can be accessed right from the wrist, so the personalization possibilities here are endless, ultimately making the Gear S2 much more productive than it already is.

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