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Making it your own: how to arrange apps on the Gear S2

Buying the Gear S2 is truly exciting, as you prepare to embrace Samsung’s next big thing. Once you take it out of the box, however, the setup is on: you want to customize the device to work to your liking, which, as everyone knows, involves apps. The Gear S2 comes pre-loaded with apps that you may find relevant, but they’re not placed in the order that you would like or need; some apps may work for you while you consider others to be useful for spontaneous occasions or circumstance. You won’t rest until your Gear S2 suits you just fine. Here’s how to arrange apps on the Gear S2:

  • Grab your Gear S2 and your Samsung or Android smartphone. Samsung has designed the Gear S2 in such a way that you’ll still need to download apps onto the phone in order to have them appear on the “Gear.”
  • Make sure that you have downloaded Samsung’s Gear Manager app. You can find it at the Google Play Store.
  • Next, pair the Gear S2 and your Samsung/Android smartphone via Bluetooth, at which point the Gear Manager app will either kick in or allow you to activate it. Make sure that both the Gear S2 and your smartphone are Bluetooth-ready.
  • After your Gear S2 and Samsung/Android smartphone are paired together, you’ll be allowed into the settings of your Gear S2. The Gear Manager app will allow you to customize watchfaces, notifications, add apps to your smartwatch, send pictures and data to your smartwatch from the phone (and vice versa), and even let you adjust the app layout. Select the “Apps Layout” function to get started.

On the Apps Layout page, you’ll see the current ordering of your apps on the Gear S2 smartwatch. To change the order, place your finger on the “up and down” arrows to the right of each app name, and you will notice that you can move the app names up and down. This is how you arrange the apps on the Gear S2: by dropping and dragging apps in the places you want them. You can also uninstall a number of apps if you’d like. When done, you need only press the back arrow near “Apps Layout” at the top left, and head back into your additional Gear S2 settings.

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Gear Manager apps layout


Gear Manager app layout settings

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