Samsung working to make TouchWiz more ‘fluent’ than iOS with the Galaxy S7?

We recently heard that Samsung might be teaming up with Google to optimize TouchWiz, and a new rumor today is lending further credence to that possibility. According to ITHome, Samsung will be focusing on improving the user experience with the Galaxy S7, with Google engineers helping the Korean company optimize the underlying code on its popular customized version of Android.

The report goes as far as saying that Samsung and Google’s ultimate goal is to make a “a non-delayed operating experience”, one with “greater fluency than iOS”. Now, Android has come a long way and is probably more consistent on high-end devices in terms of general fluidity these days given how Apple’s updates to iOS continue to bring new problems (especially as the Cupertino company makes the OS more flexible), but it’s unclear if Android will ever be as optimized as its biggest competitor.

Samsung has already reached an impressive level of optimization with the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, and it would be great to see TouchWiz become even better in the future (it would also be great to see Samsung fix the multitasking limitations that plague its software on high-end phones). The report also reiterates that the microSD slot will return with the Galaxy S7, though at this point we can only wait and see if these rumors have any semblance of truth behind them.

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9 months 18 days ago

purchased the s7 edge… very pleased with recent UI & UX improvements

1 year 27 days ago

It is better to completely change the UI with new look and features and perhaps zero lag..

1 year 28 days ago

Glad to hear they’ll optimize TouchWiz and they should, but I also want my IR blaster and removable battery back in the Note 6 as well as 128gb internal storage option and IP68 certification.
I skipped the Note 5 because it’s an unacceptable downgrade from my Note 4 with IR blaster and removable battery.

1 year 30 days ago

samsung will give new touchwiz with few changes and will launch new device. to get this features you have to buy new device like s7 and note 6 but they will never give this features to existing device like ios update to all its device so samsung have to first learn to give all update to its all device (atleast premium and flagship phone) like apple

I am Note 4 user feeling always cheated by samsung by note giving premium features to flagship device. and I am sure even in android 6 update they will not give this features to note 4
*using samsung android since I7500 anroid 1.5 and note 4 will be my last samsung device

1 year 28 days ago

hahaha…… Guess again buddy! ……Note 4 is getting Android 6.0 Upgrade before Note 5 and NO…. you’re wrong. Touchwiz is being made more efficient and in fact Google actually is helping them for once to do that. Because realizes that if they can’t make ANDROID more efficient on Samsung’s devices, Samsung already has Tizen with Touchwiz blowing the doors off Android in efficiency and utilizing Touchwiz’s straight from Desktop Features, like better Multitasking, UFS 2.0 Memory, etc. Since Touchwiz is/has been based on the Enlightenment Desktop Environment SDK from the start!

It’s why Tizen based on Samsung’s own contributions to Open Source and Open Standards in the Linux Foundation’s work on both Tizen and the Kernel Google too is using is so much more efficient than the rest of it’s competitors. Batteries last longer…… etc, because Samsung is now the #1 contributor to Linux even over Google and IBM!!! ……so go ahead and trade in your Note 4 for some inferior junk without Samsung superior hardware and software features! lol…..

Last person I heard said that was complaining even more about their iOS device lacking all the features they had grown to love and remember without Samsung’s input even other Android vendors are losing out without TOUCHWIZ!!! ……..and if you think, “Oh it’s just ‘SKIN’ over the Top of Android……. Think Again! :D …..because the Touchwiz UX is at the heart of the Samsung Linux Project Experience SLP-E Plus!!!

Alexander adams
1 year 30 days ago

Why not making it more useful by keeping multi user mode?!!!

1 year 30 days ago

Just change the “Touchwiz” name to something else.

1 year 30 days ago

it is better to change the ui..

1 year 30 days ago

OK, a better software optimization is fine, but all i want on this new galaxy s7 is micro sd car support and water resistant, only these two samsung, and i’ll replace my s5 for the s7.

1 year 28 days ago

Not only is Galaxy S7 getting the latest MicroSD card slot with extra row of pins for UHS-II MicroSDXC full features….. but it will be the 1st Smartphone to get it after it’s own NX1 camera got it before everyone else too! :D

Samsung is way ahead of you on this and on water proofing isn’t really about putting rubber seals and on slots, ports etc as it is about the coating used to every wire connection and chip board with even oxygen resistance. So it can’t ever oxidize and kill or ground connections.

Because Samsung by not including SD cards in their other phones last year delivered a strong message to SDA (Secure Digital Association Lead membership, Toshiba, Microsoft, Sandisk, etc) that they would create their own Portable Memory Standards without them. If anyone thinks Samsung couldn’t do this? They should think again, because over half the advanced electronics devices with SD memory use Samsung Memory.

Samsung is not just the #1 smartphone maker…. again….. they are still #1 Memory Maker, #1 OEM Battery Maker (voted safest most advanced memory and batteries on the planet), but they mine their own raw materials and their Prelude FLNG Project is getting ready to launch with latest Electronic and Metal Water Proof Coatings available man on the largest ever built by man made structure ever built! ……..and yeah Samsung Chemical R&D are the ones who developed the coatings to make Prelude able to stay out at sea for up to 25yrs before needing to come back to their own largest shipyard in the World!!! ……it’s Nanogear Technology to an Extreme and all the Robotics, Communications devices, etc used on Prelude are Samsung developed too!!!

1 year 30 days ago

As this all seems to be a software improvement… I hope to expect this on my Edge+

1 year 30 days ago

probably all flagships from 2015 will get the update since they was a part of the new version of touchwiz

1 year 30 days ago

And if they give us the new FAST TOUCHWIZ from the s7 to the S6 and Note 5 people will buy more Samsung Phones :) And people like me will be very happy and their next phone will be Samsung again :)

1 year 30 days ago


“Let’s try our own OS!” Tizen. “Nah, that failed, just use Android, but keep our UI!” Touchwiz. “Everyone hates lags, we need to make it more fluid!” Stock Android. (it should’ve been this six years ago)

Get it?

1 year 30 days ago

Tizen hasn’t failed. It’s still gaining traction in it’s relevant markets as it’s only been commercially available on phones this year. It’s their TV/Wearables/IoT/Mobile log term plan so how is that a “failure”?

And why stock Android? Stock isn’t that amazing. It looks nice but that’s where it ends. It lacks many bells and whistles we use on Samsung phones. How would a Note work without the S-Pen? Touch Wiz adds all of this. Our better camera? (minus RAW) that’s Touch Wiz again. Now if your talking just the look of stock, that’s different… but we have themes which is better as I we can’t theme a Nexus.

Touch Wiz DOES need optimizing badly though so I’m not defending it. Nexus phones was made for people that want a “vanilla” experience… Maybe they should bring back the Google Play edition Samsung’s. That will give you what you want.

1 year 30 days ago

Tizen OS is brilliant on the gear s2 compared to android wear. the gear s2 has the best software on smartwatch. tizen os on phone haven’t get that much of success but now tizen phones haven’t been available in every country. but on phones samsung should just focus on android

1 year 30 days ago

“greater fluency than iOS”

This will never happen

iOS is #C
Android is Java

The only way this would ever happen is if they moved the main UI from java
to #C or ASM

Yes they might get less jitters with optimizations but it will never outperform iOS at the os level

I would never buy an iphone btw
im just a realist

1 year 28 days ago

Not only is Android more Powerful than iOS on a whole plethora of use case scenarios, but Touchwiz brings out the best Desktop Features…. that iOS will never have until they do a complete ground up rewrite. Why do you think they can’t just start using mice and stylus’s on every app and every phase of iOS on even iPad Pro???

Why do you think they can still only simulate True System Wide Pervasive Multitasking the way Touchwiz can? Why do you think they can’t do Live panels and Widgets on right on your desktop???

If there is one thing that’s true about you Cult of iDiototic Apple fans it’s that you’ll all just keep falling for the Overhyped Propaganda Apple still pumping out to keep you all spending more for less and somehow being convinced less is better than more done all at the same time!!! ……that’s also what effects fluency of an OS. But if you can fully utilize hardware virtualization features available on Linux and specifically Android and Tizen OS using Touchwiz, then fluency of the OS can indeed be speeded up on superior HMP core Exynos Big/Little chips!!!

1 year 30 days ago

Intresting, could you please explain why do you think java is not UI friendly or can not be optimised. Also did you mean C or C#