Crazy rumor: Google to help Samsung optimize TouchWiz?

Samsung has made major strides this year in optimizing TouchWiz, its proprietary user interface seen on all of its Android smartphones and tablets. But has it done enough? Not exactly, with the biggest example of the fact that there is work to be done being the RAM management issues that continue to plague even the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, despite both phones featuring 4GB of RAM.

If a new rumor is to be believed, Google might also be thinking along the same lines. According to Samsung Viet, the internet giant is planning on working with Samsung in order to help the Korean manufacturer optimize TouchWiz. Google apparently wants to make sure the world’s most popular custom Android UX is as fast as it can possibly be, and also help Samsung overcome any bugs that might arise as a result of its customization.

This wouldn’t be the first time Google would be intervening in Samsung’s work. Almost two years ago, Samsung introduced the new Magazine UX on the Galaxy Tab Pro lineup, but this new UX was soon given the boot, and word around the rumor mill was that Google wasn’t happy with the major interface change brought about by the Magazine UX. But actually going so far as to help Samsung optimize its software? That sounds a little too far-fetched.

However, considering Samsung’s smartphones are synonymous with Android, anything wrong with TouchWiz means the OS itself gets a bad name as well. That’s a bad thing for Google, so maybe it’s not all that far-fetched to think Samsung’s future devices could come with optimization contributed directly by the maker of the little green robot. What do you think?


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