Poor RAM management affecting the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Have you noticed your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge killing apps too quickly during usage, and still taking up a lot of the available RAM at all times? Well, you’re not alone, as this issue seems to be affecting a lot of users out there, some of whom have voiced their concern over on the XDA development forums.

I’ve personally been irritated by the horrendous RAM management on my Galaxy S6 edge – apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, which usually stay in memory and show up instantly on devices with 2GB+ RAM, often take time to load as the phone keeps killing their processes. It’s a problem with browsing as well. Chrome will often reload when you go back to it, even if you have only opened one other app after sending it to the background.

Android is designed to remove older apps from memory to free up RAM for current tasks, but the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge seem to take it too far despite having 3GB of RAM (and considerably less bloat than previous Samsung devices taking up memory.) However, the fact that despite killing apps too quickly the phones seem to have very little available RAM suggests it’s a bug and not something deliberate.

Some might say that this is a fault of Android 5.0 Lollipop – indeed, Lollipop does have a memory leak issue, but that doesn’t make the OS aggressive against keeping apps in memory on other devices. Hopefully, Samsung will fix what is one of the very few issues on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge’s software through a software update as soon as it possibly can, as there doesn’t seem to be any stop-gap solution to the problem at this point.

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2 years 11 hours ago

Note 3 and 4 are affected too …

Please fix this issue.

2 years 1 day ago

Enable developer options. Go to Settings>Developer options> scroll all the way down to “Limit background processes” and change to “4 processes at most” and stop trying to hate on the best phone on the market.

2 years 2 days ago

This only happens on the Internet app of my s5 and moto x 2nd Gen both running lollipop.. Pages reload when I switch tabs and when I open them from the recent apps menu… Other apps are just fine… Seems lollipop is a contributing factor because It wasn’t so when I was running kitkat on both devices.. The situation of s6 seems to be aggressive though…hope Samsung will fix it in an OTA update

2 years 2 days ago

Yeah the Memory usage seems extremely high and worrying. I just got my S6 last Friday and have not installed any app, it’s still running stock firmware, but when I check my RAM usage it’s at 85% used. What the heck is taking up all that RAM? Not even Windows 7 takes up anywhere near that much RAM.

Samsung need to look into the matter, I’ve not come accross the issue with Apps being shut down, or Data not being stored in RAM, but I most likely will do if the OS uses over 2GB of RAM, That’s more than double the amount of RAM inside a iphone that the phones hogs for itself.

2 years 2 days ago

It looks like you didn’t understood the topic? If you see a high percentage of used ram, then it is good because why should the phone not use it until a certain level.

The topic here is that the phone is killing all apps very fast. That means it does not use the available ram and leave most of it empty. This is bad.

A phone should always fill the ram until e.g. 200-500 megabyte free.

2 years 2 days ago

No I understand the topic. Just because the phone has the RAM doesn’t mean it should use it. Yeah if it’s to keep data cached in the background that is fine but that doesn’t seem to be the case, I don’t run many apps in the background, I don’t like doing that, because I come from the S3 which had limited RAM. I look at the memory allocation in Smart mangaer and it tells me only 300MB is used for cached data, the rest is just used my the system.

2 years 2 days ago

My Note 3, running 5.0, has no ram issues what so ever.

2 years 2 days ago

Why did not you bring up the subject before marketing?

2 years 2 days ago

Sammobile, are you serious? The same issue has all note 4, i have one, with BOC3. Especially with the stock browser, if you want to go back, it will refresh the page. No page isn’t keep it in RAM. Please fix the issue as soon as it possible and please don’t forget us with note 4, give us the new TW UI from the s6.

2 years 1 day ago

note 4 doesn’t have This issue I have exynos variant and Iam not suffering from it.

2 years 2 days ago

Note 4 may get new touchwiz on 5.1 or may skip until next version of android comes out late 2015.

It basically the same touchwiz it looks the same there is nothing really different between the note 4 or s6 book look same if you got the lollipop os on both. If you have kitkat it may look different

2 years 2 days ago

The new TW UI has different animations at opening and closing apps. It has got themes, new icons at quick settings, smoother experience than note 4 and the recent apps on note 4 has lag and terrible stuttering. Can’t samsung’s developes see these problems? Sorry for my english.

2 years 2 days ago

Well I would say that this issue is not in the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge it is also there in the previous versions of Samsung phone, it is mainly due to the firmware of Google.
Samsung and Google should go for the priority tasking now.

2 years 2 days ago

Maybe the always ready camera takes up quite a bit of RAM?

2 years 2 days ago

I noticed this problem before the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge came out. I noticed on the demo models that this was the case. Having had the phone now for a few weeks I can say that although there seems to be very little free RAM the phone performance is still unaffected. It is still as fast as ever. As people keep pointing out however, unused RAM is wasted RAM.