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Samsung Gear VR now available for pre-order in the US

You can finally pre-order the consumer version of the Gear VR from Best Buy for just $99.99. The consumer version of the Gear VR was announced by Samsung and Oculus two months ago and now that it’s out, we expect a lot of content to be made for it, for instance we already have an official Gear VR Netflix app and we’re also expecting an official Hulu and Vimeo app as well.

Customers who will pre-order the consumer version of the Gear VR will start receiving it from the 20th of November. It’s better than the Gear VR models that were previously showcased due to the fact that this version is lighter and it also has an extra foam layer to make it even more comfortable.

Devices compatible with the Gear VR:

  • Galaxy Note5
  • Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Galaxy S6 edge
  • Galaxy S6

By pre-ordering a Gear VR you’ll basically get a headset equipped with an accelerometer, gyrometer, geomagnetic sensor, and proximity sensor to make your experience as authentic as possible, along with a 16GB MicroSD card that comes with a couple of pre-loaded 3D movie trailers and 360° videos.

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Is there any way to get it in Europe?


Spoke with the guys from Samsung Support, in Romania it will be available in the beginning of December at the price of 99 euro. I assume it will be the same in other European countries.


In Compatible device list, Galaxy Note 5 mentioned twice. was it supposed to be Galaxy Note 4?