Samsung’s free-form battery was instrumental in creation of the Gear S2

Samsung’s new smartwatch has caught the wearable industry’s attention, the Gear S2 is receiving favorable opinions from many critics and it’s likely that customers might respond in kind when the device arrives next month. It was not an easy feat to create this round smartwatch which also features a rotating bezel and touts battery life of up to three days, Samsung SDI’s free-form battery technology was actually instrumental in the creation of this smartwatch.

Before the Gear S2 was formally unveiled it was rumored that the smartwatch would have a 200mAh battery but in reality it comes with a 250mAh battery and this was only possible due to Samsung’s free-form technology which utilizes space much more efficiently thus providing more capacity without taking up as much space. Samsung SDI started developing the free-form battery technology in December last year and finished in April this year, it started mass producing the battery in August and it was showcased for the first time with the Gear S2. If the company had used a rectangular battery it wouldn’t have been able to stretch the capacity beyond 200mAh because of constraints in design space, it was only due to the free-form battery that Samsung was able to offer 250mAh capacity in the Gear S2, thus giving it yet another advantage over other smartwatches in the market.


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