Samsung reportedly the first OEM to test Snapdragon 820

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Samsung is conducting intensive testing on the Snapdragon 820 but the latest from Weibo suggests that Samsung is not only doing that, but it is apparently the first in doing so. While the tech company used  Exynos 7420 for its last generation of flagship devices it is rumored that the next one might arrive in two versions: one with an Exynos chipset and one with a Snapdragon 820 SoC instead. It also seems that Samsung has expanded the team working on testing and optimizing mobile chipsets for its flagship devices to ensure that the next generation is absolutely top-notch.

Will the Snapdragon 820 meet the industry demands though? The last chipset from Qualcomm wasn’t too great as it presented overheating issues on many devices, but Qualcomm seems to be putting a lot of effort into the Snapdragon 820. The new processor should offer better performance overall and it should have a much smaller energy consumption. It’s going to be interesting to see Samsung partner up with Qualcomm for the next generation’s Galaxy S7 if that’s really what it decides to do in the end.

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