Leak reveals new Edge features of the upcoming Galaxy S6 edge+

The dual edges on the Galaxy S6 edge made it one of the most attractive smartphones ever seen by mankind, but when it came to functionality, the Edge screen wasn’t exactly the most useful thing. The People edge is pretty much the only notable feature of the S6 edge’s Edge screen, allowing users to quickly call or message up to five contacts by swiping in from either edge of the display. Naturally, we have been expecting the upcoming Galaxy S6 edge+ to give more purpose to the Edge screen, but according to Phone-probe, the new additions aren’t going to be too many.

The site says that the S6 edge+ will add the option to add up to five app shortcuts to the Edge screen, something that should come in very handy. The People edge will also get an update with something called OnCircle, with users now having the ability to initiate a video call and send a picture or emoticon to their favorite contacts, in addition to the existing options for calling, messaging and emailing. The image published by Phone-probe looks like an actual render for the OnCircle feature, which lends credence to the site’s details about the new Edge features.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ is set to be officially announced later this week, so it won’t be long before we find out what the device brings to the table compared to its 5.1-inch predecessor.



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