Galaxy S6 sales reportedly fall short of expectations, all eyes on the Galaxy Note 5

Earlier this year Samsung launched its new flagship handsets the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. The market expected that customers would react favorably to the new devices and many of them did but things are expected to change in this quarter as industry watchers believe sales of the Galaxy S6 will actually fall short of expectations in the second quarter. The apprehension continues to mount as we head into the fall where traditionally Apple launches new iPhones and that’s also perceived as a threat to sales of the Galaxy S6.

Securities industry sources cited in a new report suggest that Samsung Electronics’ IT and mobile division is going to post an operating profit this quarter between $2.76 billion and $3.03 billion which would be a 22% increase quarter-over-quarter but a 24% slump year-over-year. This performance is attributed to low actual sales of the Galaxy S6 and with hopes for the next quarter being pinned on the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S6 edge Plus in the near future, it’s a new model which has a slightly larger display, larger battery as well as a Snapdragon 808 processor. The Galaxy Note 5 will arrive before the new iPhones and it’s bound to give those handsets a run for their money, Samsung will also be counting on this device to improve its fortunes in the global smartphone market.


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1 year 9 months ago

I got 2 S6 128gb with pink tint screens, that also kills the pleasure…. :(

1 year 9 months ago

Weak battery life, poor RAM management, lag after 2 months of using it, lousy UI and slow updates. Why am I not surprised? Samsung was so concerned with the design that everyone was giving them a hard time for because of the S5 that they forget to improve other aspects of the phone as much as the design.

1 year 9 months ago

I was very happy with note 4 when i got it but after updates started to roll out iwas truely dissappointed of how samsung treat the device and i am sure that most of note4 owners feels the same i was shocked to see updates going to older devicrs like s5 before note 4 not only that but also the update was horrible i cannt play any game after lollipop update because of bug made the gpu works on half of its speed as a summary when u buy samsung device u buy specifications only but y dont got the most important thing that makes apple sell more units than samsung UPDATES.

1 year 9 months ago

If Samsung is going to model the Note 5 after the S6, it needs to have more RAM (5 or 6 GB)…very important in these new devices. 64-bit with lots of internal storage 128GB etc..extra RAM, RAM

1 year 9 months ago

people are waiting to see what the S6 plus looks like. Sammy’s own fault for bringing out updates so early after flagship – oh and the lack fo SD and changeable battery of course. I took my first every Iphone after 4 galaaxy’s – love the hardware, hate the platform, Android is now way in front of apple for usefulness, gazillions more useful (free) apps on android and THERE IS A FECKING BACK BUTTON :) !! I’ll be moving back to Android as soon as some makes a decent handset, i’m thinking thinner S6 with SD and Removable battery + water proof should do it.

1 year 9 months ago

All em sales are down this year I.e. Lg G4 with the sd card and removslable battery is not selling the m9 again not selling Sony z3+ again not selling, oh but look Samsung sold more s6 and s6 edges than last year s5 I.e. Sales are up for Samsung

1 year 9 months ago

We wil just wait Samsung to announce how many s6 they had sold not this kind of many speculation or rumor goin around

1 year 9 months ago

Just look at the source of these rumors!!! …………..they didn’t even bother to link the source at Business Korea story. Why do these fools here take that any site in Korea is going to be pro Samsung? This Cho Jin-young hates Samsung with a passion. Yet at the same time he does not ever support all his ridiculously anti-Samsung rumours. We’ve heard already that they broke profit records for June Quarter!

Where’s this rumour actually coming from???? Not Samsung and what about the fact that Samsung has taken back Sales Crown in USA Market on the strength of S6 and S6 Edge sales. They’ve got 55% of US market device sales for God’s sake. Which up over last year’s S5 series and means they flat out blew away all other Android device makers on top of blowing away iPhone sales both last quarter and it’s expected that this June Quarter they doubled up on iPhone sales this year again!!!

So how freaking much does the #1 smartphone maker in the World Samsung have to blow the always 2nd place Apple away by, to be considered a freaking success???? First off the Applewellian Doublethink FUD and Misinformation Thought Police don’t ever want you know the real numbers. So they use tricky ways of combining both iPhone 6 and 6+ numbers as one model. Yet count Samsung’s S series as one model separate from all the Megas and new phablet models. Not to mention Note Series phablets sales being held separate from all other Premium models Samsung offers. That’s about as messed and crooked thinking as it gets!!!

If they are going to combine the sales of two completely different models out in one year, just because they launched together, why can’t any of these so called Technology experts figure out how bogus that is? I mean they should be combining sales of S series and Note series and really all models of premium priced brands. Because Samsung doesn’t just put out one or two models ever…….. while Apple relies on few models, so they can stuff more profits in their pockets. Samsung relies on almost customizing a range of products to fit just about anybody’s desires, wants and needs. You’d think that would be a hell of a lot more valuable than putting out the same old one size fits all model Apple has gotten rich off of, because their fanatically led cult fans are like zombies and will buy anything Apple puts out with the Bitten Apple Logo on Back!!!

Bottom line is that with all the companies within Samsung Group’s 80 plus companies and 100′s of Divisions and sub divisions, since Lee Kun-hee’s heart problems last year have been playing musical chairs. Many have gone to offering public IPO’s! ……..which is like found money PROFITS, that Apple surely doesn’t have available to them. Samsung Group’s Cash Pile has exploded and they’ve had to buy and sell divisions and companies to balance it out. WHY????? ……..because most honorable companies aren’t so greedy and arrogant as to claim CASH from Profits is something you need to hang on to. Never mind the simple fact that Apple holds on to it because they own practically no hard assets. They lease everything and that means they do not have to hold CASH in Reserves to make payments.

Apple holds it’s CASH (instead of spending it like most companies on REAL CAPEX and R&D Spending) in LONG TERM OFFSHORE SECURITY ACCOUNTS. Which means they still owe DEFERRED TAXES on it ALL and are only making 1 to 2% interest on it! …… that a joke??? They are still counting DEFERRED TAXES as CASH…… knowing they are eventually at some point going to have to pay it out at 30% of that so called Cash Pile. Whereas companies like Samsung invest that CASH back into CAPEX in their own factories instead of making loans to companies like Foxconn and claiming their Capex spending as theirs! Is that a Freaking Joke???? lol….. No ordinary person would see that for other than a mockery of how share holders are ripping off Apple’s customers, with them smiling while getting reamed. The Appleholism is rampant in their Religious Fanatic Addicted Fans!!! …….with them all still believing Apple is number 1, when they are barely number 2 in real world terms in legitimate end to end companies like Samsung. So they actually rearrange the facts to suit their fantasy!

Kinda of like some writers here, who are like Apple shills in our midst. The only thing they like to do is look for ridiculously ignorant rumours saying Samsung is dying and going out of business since Lee Kun-hee got sick. Truth: Lee Kun-hee (which many haters gloated about him dying) is actually doing quite well now! haha…. Now that’s the kind of Good News the lame ignorant and arrogant HATERS HERE CAN’T STAND!!! :D

1 year 9 months ago

See that’s the problem. The S6 hasn’t even peaked yet and now we’re all on to the next thing.

I hate to say it, so I won’t.

It is too late though. Note/Edge users have been too badly burned. S6 users haven’t even had a chance to get used to their phones. Note 3 users got list in the mix.

Party is over Samsung.

1 year 9 months ago

LOST not list. Can’t wait for the new comment system you guys have been talking about for almost a year now.

1 year 9 months ago

Honestly, Samsung has made great improvements on the S6 and S6 Edge. Problem is, there is still a lot of room for improvement (and by a lot I mean A LO…OT).

My basis for the above statement is I use an S5 (SM-G900H – purchased on launch day) and an HTC Desire 816 (don’t boo – got it as a gift) as my daily drivers. I have to (annoyingly) admit that the Desire is not only performing better than the S5 but gives me more juice.

Both phones are running lollipop but;
i) Recent apps open faster on the Desire
ii) Gallery app opens faster on the Desire
iii) Did i mention longer battery life.
iv) Opening and switching apps is faster on the Desire
v) Received official lollipop update on the Desire before the S5. (Had to flash SKZ lollipop image in order to get a taste of lollipop).
vi) the Desire supports themes – not important really but it’s good to know that the feature is activated :)

Based on S6 and S6 Edge usage reviews (and complaints from colleagues using the S6 and S6 Edge), it’s really sad that I have failed to justify upgrading from the S5 to the S6. My hands want the S6 Edge but my brain tells the wallet to stay put.

I have my sights set firmly on the S6 Edge Plus, and am really hoping (have also thrown in a prayer or two) that Samsung does not slack off and think that the improvements made so far are all it needs to stay on the top.

1 year 9 months ago

Sales will probably pick up now that the prices have fallen to non-madness levels. The regular S6, now selling SIM-free at £445, is the fifth best-seller on Amazon, which I think it’s not bad.

But yeah, Samsung needs to do something about their level of support. Their hardware is exquisitely premium, the software support is a joke in comparison.

1 year 9 months ago

The updates are pretty bad and slow.Ive come from using HTC for four years and I really like my S6 but HTC did leave a timeframe plan on when the M7 etc would receive updates and they pretty much stuck to the timeframe.
Where is the update to sort RAM issue, the camera update for RAW?
Too many phones no coherent plan

1 year 9 months ago

Well, there are a few reasons I think.

Slow updates for existing phones, leaving customers hanging, creates bad feelings about their products.

No SD card (I can live with the non removable battery.

Samsung make too many models of phones, they need to consolidate their range. if they did then maybe the support for existing phones would be better

1 year 9 months ago

Should have had a larger battery, more RAM (4GB minimum)

1 year 9 months ago

I’m gonna rock the Note 4 for a few years. Camera is great with ois. It’s fast, great build quality, superb screen, s pen, you name it note 4 has it.

1 year 9 months ago

Hi there!
Can you tell me what you exactely mean by OIS concerning the camera?
Thanks !

1 year 9 months ago

I believe he meant “optical image stablilization”

1 year 9 months ago

They only have themselves to blame. Slow updates for former flagship Note 4 and current one S6. I won’t be given them my money for Note 5, as once they get your money they don’t give a s%=÷ about you.

I may return to Apple once they go Amoled and have more than 1g of ram and a better camera. One that is great not boosted by the media to get their review units yearly.

1 year 9 months ago

Hopefully, because they haven’t sold as many units as they thought they will, they’ll give the note the treatment it deserves, hardware is great but they really need to get a new software team or at least add to it as they seriously ‘lag’ (pun intended) behind the competition.

I have a note 4 and its by far the best phone I’ve had, it’s a great design, feel’s great in the hand and best of all it doesn’t compromise productivity.

If the note series were to go the route of the Galaxy s6, like the leaks suggest, then, and i mean this sincerely, I will no longer be a Samsung customer (and no i hate iPhones too) I’ll probably switch to LG as the G4 looks fantastic, and I’m sure the successor will be even better hardware wise.

1 year 9 months ago

Tommy, I actually have the Note 4 and the LG G4 and I have to admit I’m actually quite impressed with the G4. I, like you, love my Note 4 but the lag when switching apps or even bringing up the keyboard is borderline unacceptable. I love the features of having the SPen but for normal day2day operations (web surfing, pictures) my G4 has become my go-to. Now to be fair i have had the N4 alot longer than ive had the G4 but ive also just done a few system resets and havent adjusted any of the transition scales on either device and the G4 stil outperforms. I do think LG “borrowed” a bit of their OS from Samsung but its definitely not as bloated as the N4. Im praying Samsung gets it together with the Note 5. Theyve got the technology but they really need to learn that sometimes LESS IS BEST…

1 year 9 months ago

No SD card

No removable battery

Uneccessarly over priced for both models

That is why

Maybe thes

1 year 9 months ago

That’s why I moved from a S4 to a note 4. I don’t want an iPhone running android. I want a premium phone at a realistic price. It needs to have a sd card slot and a replaceable battery!

1 year 9 months ago

Definitely agree with your points

1 year 9 months ago

iphones also don’t have SD card, removeable battery and yet they sell pretty well. SD card and removeable battery are just not convincing arguments. Even S5 didn’t do very well with these.

And I don’t know about your place, but out here 32GB S6 and 16GB HTC M8 (not M9) cost same. 16GB Z3 also costs just 5% less. So not exactly overpriced.

1 year 9 months ago

Since 2012 I’ve only been interested in the Note series. Once you go large screen you can never go back. And the 2550 mAH battery probably made the wait until fall even easier for me. I don’t want any kind of compromise when I’m going to pay 850$ or more.

1 year 9 months ago

You know what I’m the same way! I had a Note 3 and switched to the S5 when it came out and couldnt wait until the note 4 came out… you hit the nail on the head when u said once u go big you cant go back. I love my Note 4 but Samsung has a long way to go to speed up their operating system.

1 year 9 months ago

The S6 was way overpriced here in the UK. Only yesterday did I see a reasonably priced non-contract phone on a deal finding website and that is still form only one online shop.

1 year 9 months ago

But we all know UK is full of Appleholics as their one single stronghold in all of Europe. Italy, France, Germany and Spain are all Samsung Strongholds. Truth you Brits are all so easily brainwashed into joining up with the iJihadist Extremists in iApple Nation. A worldwide Cult of iDiots!!!

Plus….. simple fact is you also like to pay more tax in UK than citizens in other EU states! Sorry….. but the tax breaks even UK offers Apple to go with Irish Loophole Laws to avoid them there too……. means the money you all pay for Samsung phones, gets used to pay for Apple’s tax breaks in UK!!! ……now don’t get mad at me, for telling you the truth. But Apple strives to pay near zero taxes in one way or another everywhere they sell their products in. You are the ones getting reamed that buy into Apple’s anti-competitive tax avoidance measures used to stuff share holder’s pockets mainly here in America!!! :D

Truth Hurts….. but maybe if you got your government off their arses and quit giving deals to companies like Apple, you’d be paying less for Samsung’s products there!!! ;-P