Samsung’s smart TVs have come a long way since the first came out in 2008

The television is a relatively old invention and for decades it was mainly used to view broadcast content. However TV technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years particularly since smart TVs hit the market. Samsung was among the first few companies to develop a smart TV and today the company has published an infographic which shows just how far its smart TV technology has come ever since the first unit was released back in 2008.

Pavv Bordeaux TV 750 was the first smart TV from Samsung, it let people check news, weather, stock prices and view YouTube videos. Users could also connect PCs with LAN cables and view content on the big screen. It even had support for USB flash drives. Over the years not only did the design evolve but so did Samsung’s smart TV software. In 2015 Samsung released the SUHD TV which is powered by its own Tizen platform, it’s capable of running applications, streaming and communication services, streaming content from mobile devices and even becoming the control center of any smart home through Tizen’s ability to work with other connected devices. It just goes to show how the company has improved its smart TV offerings with every new product cycle and we can expect Samsung to continue down this path for the foreseeable future.


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