Color around the Galaxy S6 edge camera ring is reportedly peeling

A Greek blog points us towards a potential quality issue with the color around the Galaxy S6 edge camera ring. It has found that the color just above the aluminum ring is peeling and simply rubbing it with a finger can cause little chunks to peel off. There’s a video which does offer a good look at the peeled color but you’re not going to understand anything if you can’t understand Greek. The unit shown in the video is a white Galaxy S6 edge, it’s unclear if the Galaxy S6 suffers from the same issue or whether this is just an isolated incident.

According to the report the color on the camera ring does not catch on properly which is probably why it’s peeling off. Apparently the chances of this happening increase if you use your device with a case, which many are likely to do since the Galaxy S6 edge is an expensive handset. Using it without a case could lower the chances of this happening. Have any of you noticed this issue on your Galaxy S6 edge? Let us know in the comments section below.


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