Samsung reportedly ramping up production of the Galaxy S6 edge

Given that the Galaxy Note Edge was released in limited quantities it was assumed that Samsung would also be conservative with the Galaxy S6 edge. Apparently that’s not the case. A report out of Korea suggests that the company’s global retail and carrier partners are demanding more inventory of the Galaxy S6 edge than Samsung had initially planned for. Looks like the company’s partners believe this particular handset could end up doing very well. Samsung is now expected to triple the original production volume of the Galaxy S6 edge.

Alps Electronics of Japan is currently the sole supplier of touchscreen panels for Samsung’s “Edge” devices. The yield is reportedly not high enough to cover increased production volume. So it’s claimed that Samsung is now going to work with other suppliers as well. The report doesn’t mention which companies will be picked to supply the additional panels, but cites a source who claims that S-MAC might also start providing touchscreen panels to Samsung in the very near future.


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