Galaxy S6 price for Europe rumored

There’s already a lot of hype about Samsung’s upcoming smartphones. Earlier today the invites for the Galaxy S6 event were also sent out. We’ll be seeing an official announcement from the company soon enough. Pricing and availability information will be revealed by Samsung at the event but today purported European pricing for the new smartphones is making rounds online. Even if the prices are not spot-on it doesn’t take too much research on past prices to come up with a ballpark figure for Samsung’s flagship devices. Keep in mind that these prices are meant for unsubsidized units.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB, 64GB and 128GB might cost 749 euros, 849 euros and 949 euros respectively.

For the Galaxy S Edge customers might have to pay 949 euros and 1049 euros to get their hands on a 64GB and 128GB model respectively.

Mobile carriers will offer it to their customers at subsidized prices so majority of the customers won’t really be paying full price for their devices upfront.

Pricing for North America and other markets hasn’t even been rumored as yet.


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