Exclusive: Galaxy S Edge and Galaxy S6 to support the Gear VR

At IFA 2014, Samsung announced the Gear VR alongside the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, however, it only supports the Note 4. Nevertheless, it looks like the virtual reality headset will soon be adding two more devices to its compatibility list – the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S Edge – confirm our trusted sources.

You might say, what’s the big deal in that? As the Galaxy S Edge and S6 are coming after the Note 4, it’s obvious that the Gear VR would support the new devices. Well, here’s the thing. The Note 4 is packed with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, while the S Edge and S6 are rumoured to be sporting a 5.1-inch Quad HD display. So how would Samsung’s upcoming flagship devices work with the Gear VR?

There are two possibilities, Samsung is either developing a brand new Gear VR device to support the smaller display size, or the S Edge and the S6 feature a larger display. The first Galaxy Note device had a screen size of 5.3-inches, if Samsung makes the display on its upcoming flagship devices larger than 5.3-inches, the S series will enter the Note territory.

Currently, our insiders are unable to confirm which route the Korean giant is taking. However, as soon as we receive new intel on the Gear VR, we will update you folks! Stay tuned to SamMobile, we will be revealing more information about the S Edge and the S6 over the coming days.

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