Samsung starts sending out press invitations for March 1st, hints at curved design

Press invites for an event scheduled for March 1st have finally started making rounds. The date had long been rumoured to host the launch of the next-gen Samsung flagship, i.e., the Galaxy S6. Emphasis is on curved design, as seen on the invite itself. The invite also has the words ‘What’s Next’ imprinted, along with a subtle mention of Samsung’s yearly Unpacked event on the bottom right. Coming back to the emphasis on the ‘curve’, it could be possible that instead of having another curved variant, the standard version of the Galaxy S6 have a curved design akin to the Note Edge. Of course, this is what we’re speculating; we could, on the other hand, end up with two variants as well. Whatever, there’s not a lot of waiting to do, so we shall know what’s what soon.

For the impatient, here’s what we expect to see: a 5.1-5.3-inch screen, an Exynos 7420 SoC (and perhaps even a Snapdragon 810 version if it works out), fingerprint sensor, and up to 4GB of on-board RAM besides a 20 mega-pixel camera.


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2 years 23 days ago

Maybe they need a gay CEO. It seems to work for queer ass CRapple.

2 years 23 days ago

Use my S3 for 2years+ already, I hope its time to upgrade new phone… hope not disappointed me. really excited!!

2 years 23 days ago

Design needs to be different from the S3, S4 & S5! Will wait for their GS6 announcement next month!

2 years 23 days ago

just release it in one damn hell variant with exynos 7420 dont interuppt ppl with your damn 2 variants policy choose the better one and use it samsung.

2 years 23 days ago

you know right!!! i hate that shit

2 years 23 days ago

I don’t think that Samsung managed to create really beautiful designs, It will be like S5, Fingerprint thing will be disaster just like S5 and Note 4, above all, the home button they keep is abviously bec of Apple. But they faced the truth that it wont work for them but still trying. I’m using Note 4 bec it is cheaper than Apple phones. And I want to use Windows 10 FM on Note 4. Apple also lying about security and OS, but products are good. there is no comp that truly perfect. But Samsung is a mess, All udates are delayed, promises that they made were nothing but lies. If you cannot keep the promise, don’t say anything about it. They created many expectations but nothing happened, and people got angry. Samsung is having bad times, I guess they should change the CEO, he is old, they need fresh blood, Every year they say we will show you amazing things, they only change screen sizes and shape of home button.
* I threw all my hatred here :D

2 years 23 days ago

The fingerprint scanner on the Note 4 is muuuuuch better than the one on the S5. Silly.

2 years 22 days ago

First of all, you are the only one who is silly here. Be careful while talking kid.
Second of all, I didn’t make a comparison between two.
Third of all, I am using Note 4 as I said before, and it doesn’t change the fact that they are bad, what u said was basically S5 -10 bad, note 4 -5 bad. They are bad.

2 years 23 days ago

It will probably come with KitKat since it’s a Samsung flagship

2 years 23 days ago


2 years 23 days ago

Let the “The Next Big Thing” marketing start!

2 years 23 days ago

lol lame samsung is copying apple in bendable stuff now :p

btw i hope it will be a double edged screen going to upgrade from S4 soon

2 years 18 days ago

The Apple phone is NOT bendable!! How many times!

johny jackson
2 years 23 days ago

Yeah. If double edge is standard version, it’s really project zero. Design itself is very unique.

2 years 23 days ago

Flexible screen maybe ?

2 years 23 days ago

unpacked 2 event

2 years 23 days ago

note 5

johny jackson
2 years 23 days ago

Considering image above, it may be real flexible or folable. Samsung may have shocking launch to revenge Apple.

2 years 23 days ago

If the design is curved, It wont sell at all.

2 years 24 days ago

I dont know what this line means,.. :)

2 years 24 days ago

Is there a live stream of the presentation?