First Gear VR ad hits the web, shows why virtual reality is going to be tough to sell

Samsung has been quite innovative with the Gear VR virtual reality headset. The device lets you move about with the headset on without having to worry about an external simulator, and also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket… that is if you already own a Galaxy Note 4. The company published the first TVC/ad for the device today, which goes to show just how difficult it is (and going to be) for manufacturers to send the message across to prospective buyers about virtual reality.

It’s quite a cheesy bit of production, which looks like more of a catalog description of the product than an ad. Put yourself in Samsung’s shoes and you’ll probably know why it’s like that; virtual reality is something that needs to be experienced. Advertising about virtual reality is like dancing about music, if you get what we’re trying to say. Take a look at the commercial below, and if you’re still interested (and if you’re a resident of the US) pick one up for US$199.



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Pay attention, the Gear VR does not work with all version of Firmware and some countries do not support it!


N910c support?


Did you read the story? You might want to do that before blow chunks on the fact that this commercial is meant for USA only. Actually it’s not even a broadcast commercial and people won’t be seeing it on TV. This meant solely for their YouTube Channel following. Something I don’t think this writer even knows about. That being Samsung has their own Award Winning Samsung Cheil Worldwide Marketing firm. It’s huge and it’s worldwide and that’s where they will be targeting TV commercials with. Samsung is the only #1 Most Versatile Electronics Conglomerate in the World for only being… Read more »