Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 feature a metal and glass design

Ever since we broke word of Samsung’s new Project Zero initiative for the Galaxy S6, expectations have been running rather high as far as the phone’s design is concerned, especially since consumers have become rather bored of the design language that Samsung has been using for a couple of years now. Previous rumors have hinted that the Galaxy S6 would feature a metallic design similar to the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, and now, a report from DDaily is citing sources as saying that the S6 would feature a glass front and back with metal on the sides, similar to Apple’s iPhone.

The report is in Korean, and according to the translated text, the Galaxy S6 will have glass on the front and back, with both sides connected by a metal rim. If true, it would be a huge deviation for Samsung’s hardware design – the Korean manufacturer has always preferred sticking to plastic and, since the Galaxy S5, to a faux leather back for improved ergonomics. Even the Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge have faux leather backs, which combine with a metallic rim to offer an ergonomic, yet premium experience.

Phones with glass/metal on the back have always proven to be rather slippery and difficult to handle, more often than not necessitating the use of cases, with glass particularly more problematic than metal. Even Apple moved away from glass backs with the iPhone 5, and it would be a disappointing move on Samsung’s part to use a glass back on a flagship device that people will spend top dollar on to purchase.

As usual, nothing is confirmed until we get more concrete info (as far as Samsung’s flagship devices are concerned, we usually see the final design around the official announcement.) Samsung, for all its faults, has always been great at making good hardware that is ergonomic and well put together, so it remains to be seen if an all-glass and metal design is something the company will employ.


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