Samsung allegedly testing multiple prototypes of the Galaxy S6, some with curved edge screens

Samsung will most probably announce their next-generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 sometime in the first or second quarter of 2015. Earlier, we had reported that Samsung is building the Galaxy S6, codenamed as Project Zero, from scratch with a metal build, just like the Galaxy Note 4. Now, a Samsung employee, whose identity has been confirmed by a Reddit Moderator, has confirmed our reports about the Galaxy S6. Apart from confirming that Project Zero is a real thing, the Samsung employee (who goes by the name SamsungRep2015 on Reddit) also revealed some more important information about the device.

Samsung usually tests multiple variants of its flagship device before actually releasing them. According to the conversation on Reddit, it seems that Samsung is testing at least three variants of the Galaxy S6, one with a one-sided curved edge display, another with a dual-sided curved edge display, and one more with a normal display. Would Samsung release a Galaxy S6 Edge?

SamsungRep2015 said, “Project Zero is indeed a real thing. I’ve also seen two different GS6 Edge variants, one with the normal Youm display on the Edge, and one with dual curved edges. However, when I went to my orientation, a few weeks before the S5 came out I got to physically see the 5.2 inch version. Samsung prototypes a lot and things change extremely rapidly.

As far as performance, benchmarks are noticeably higher but not by earth shattering amounts. Overall device responsiveness is vastly improved, and memory consumption is way down. Some build have freed over a gig of memory consumption from cold boot,” he added.

[It’s] not just specs Samsung is focusing on this time around. I’ve heard lots of rumblings about crazy new designs (and I’m not just talking Galaxy Alpha ‘redesigns’ either.) Spec wise though, that all lines up with what I’ve seen/heard, but again there’s quite a good chunk of time between now and April,” added SamsungRep2015.

The device is expected to feature a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 SoC or an Exynos 7 Octa processor and LTE Cat. 9 connectivity, as rumoured earlier. It seems that the performance of the device is noticeably higher than the Galaxy S5 and the memory consumption has reduced drastically. If this turns out to be true, it is possible that Samsung has been working on optimising and slimming down TouchWiz. It is being rumoured that the Galaxy S6 might feature a 20-megapixel camera with OIS and 4K video recording.

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this samsung user
2 years 14 days ago

Samsung should really consider upgrading the front camera because the one used on the S5 is really really bad

2 years 14 days ago

As I type this up I’m not putting my hopes up other than that tiny chance that our good SamMobile people will put in these words to their insider. To begin with:-
1. So how’s the Note Edge really doing? Granted that the glaring mistake there is the single sided edge which automatically sent the wrong signal to interested users. Still a solid proof of concept however with some double edged UX ROI; requires Samsung’s own optimized software for what’s uniquely an original feature and yet inadvertently further “close down” the open nature of its Android base.

2. Project Zero should be about rethinking the basics. Not necessarily all out of the box crazy stuff. As the saying goes pile on too much stuff on a weak foundation then you’re gonna get a wreck faster than fast.

3. It’s all about the “little” things. Just look at rivaling OEMs:-
~ Sony = Ingress protection focus and active AOSP compliant developments alongside their shipped firmwares.

~ HTC = kickstarted the front firing speakers’ revolution. No brainer and purely common sense as flagships shouldn’t be marred by a tinny sounding single back loudspeaker for the expected price. Non plastic chassis obviously also a huge boost.

~ LG = pushed the screen to size ratio boundaries and still with no contest at that save for maybe Huawei.

~ Moto = got the HTC memo and did front firing speakers themselves on top of almost stock shipped ROM and close to AOSP-like updates.

4. Leverage on Exynos properly via a more open policy it’s 2015 ffs.

5. A series (for example) is still woefully flawed by combining the exact same Samsung home button + capacitive keys + flash + cam + single loudspeaker only upped by now a unibody alloy chassis. To make matters worse now that the batt is fixed, offered capacities are just barely adequate.

2 years 14 days ago

awesome :)

2 years 15 days ago

Crazy new design?
Oh expectation goes too high thanks to that person.

2 years 15 days ago

So according to the guy, Samsung freed 1gb ram of cold boot ? Because i see my S5 using 1.3gb ram atm, so it would mean about 300mb used on his S6 prototype after cold boot ? seriously dude? Android and its services aren’t running on his prototypes.

2 years 15 days ago

I rebooted my phone to confirm fresh boot usage : 880-1gb ram.
So it should mean now 0gb ram used according to the quote. Unless it’s incomplete and he’s talking only about high ram consumption of his prototypes.
Useless rumors.

2 years 15 days ago

Just gimme damn Lollypop, that’s all I need.

2 years 15 days ago

I want a TOTALLY different TouchWiz. Please Samsung, change the icons. No green telephone icon, no orange contacts icon, no weather widget, etc etc etc…

And a REALLY NEW design. No oval home button/2 capacitive buttons.
Really new!
No S3/S4/S5/Alpha/Note 2/Note 3/Note 4 design!

2 years 15 days ago

I agree with this. While I think the current news are awesome, the hardware buttons have bothered me pretty much since the S4 where competitors already had their first models out with software buttons.

Software keys, S810, bloatfree UI and I will be begging for Samsung to take my money.

2 years 15 days ago

oh, you mean the LG G3

2 years 14 days ago

I want a smartphone with a good screen ;)

2 years 15 days ago

See, you got software keys, but when you have a 5.2 inch display, you finally got 5 inches free, because the software keys are there and also use display..

2 years 13 days ago

With immersive mode the nav bar can get in and out of the way automatically. If you had used a Galaxy Nexus before I assure you that there’s no such thing as a “fixed” nav bar and it doesn’t take the majority of screen display time.

2 years 15 days ago

I am just hoping that all this talk of “Project Zero” doesn’t yield an S6 that looks exactly like a cut down version of the Note 4. I would love to see a bezel-less design similar to those concepts I have seen by Jeremy on Youtube. After years of being a Samsung fan, I am tired of the design language and would like to see something new and fresh.

Another must is the touchwiz lollipop implementation that I have been reading about. TachyonGun has posted a touchwiz lollipop rom (5.0 Vietnam Leak from XDA)on an Exynos Galaxy Note 3 that blows away Vanilla Android Lollipop on a Nexus 5. That version has squeezed all features of Touchwiz onto 572mb of RAM; and the results are mindblowing. Samsung have hinted this is their direction. I wonder why it has taken them so long! But if the next Samsung Galaxy S6 can produce a 5.5 inch QHD display on a piece of kit no larger than the current S5, and add expected touchwiz improvements then I’m in. Add to this Samsung’s new LPDDR4 4GB memory chips and the Samsung S6 could be a marvel. But unless the S6 truly looks new, a lot of cynics are going to dismiss it.

2 years 14 days ago

agree with you.. well summarized :)

2 years 14 days ago

Nice one

Abel Provily
2 years 15 days ago

I’m especially interested in the memory optimisations, because the hardware upgrades are nothing new. Samsung always packs his new flagship with the best hardware of the moment, so that’s no surprise. I’m a big Samsung fan, but I have to admit, touchwiz, although it has become a lot better in recent years, can still be a bit laggy at times. Compared to stock Android, it can be slow. Hopefully, all lag will be behind us after the S6 is introduced.

2 years 15 days ago

sag pedar rozi ye goshi roo mikone!!@@irania bebakhshid bad migma…n910u