There might not be any Galaxy S6 Edge variant with a curved screen

We recently published exclusive info on the Galaxy S6, Samsung’s next big flagship smartphone that will launch sometime early next year. We had received inside info that the Galaxy S6 would also have a curved screen variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge, but we’ve now received updated details from one of our insiders that suggests there might not be an Edge variant of the S6 after all. Apparently, there’s still a separate variant of the Galaxy S6 in the works, but at the moment, the prototype device doesn’t have an Edge screen.

That leaves us to speculate on what this Galaxy S6 variant will have as a defining feature – maybe an Edge screen will be implemented later on, or it could have some other new feature that puts it in a league of its own. Samsung’s Project Zero initiative to make the Galaxy S6 an amazing device leaves open many possibilities; maybe the non-standard variant will be a device with on-screen buttons or something similar, though at this point it’s too early to say what Samsung has in mind.

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