Gear VR won’t work with carrier variants of Galaxy Note 4 without a software update

Carriers are already quite infamous for delaying software updates and holding back better user experiences from users as a result, and this time, these delays might have proved a bit costly for some folks. The Gear VR went up for sale in the US earlier this week; Samsung’s first virtual reality headset requires a Galaxy Note 4 to work, but it seems the Korean manufacturer didn’t clearly mention that for those using the Note 4 on carriers like Verizon and Sprint, the device would require a software update before the Gear VR can work.

It’s not that Samsung forgot to mention this requirement – it’s there in the official press release about the Gear VR’s availability, but it’s a point that most, including us, seem to have missed. Basically, there are now Gear VR owners out there that spent $199 on the headset but are currently unable to use it. It remains to be seen when this important software update will start rolling out to consumers, but in the meantime, Gear VR owners will probably have to borrow an unlocked Galaxy Note 4 to start enjoying the world of virtual reality.

You can also check out our hands-on experience with the Gear VR while you’re waiting for that update.



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This is why I’m thankful for the carriers in my country. Carrier varient phones are very 2005.