Gear VR sees US launch, $199 price

Even though the date was far from confirmed in the time leading up to its launch, the Gear VR Innovator Edition has gone on sale today in the US. With a general release window revealed during the Samsung Developer Conference a few weeks ago, Samsung made good on a December release; at least in the US. There is still no word on a sale date for other markets, but early 2015 should be a generous suggestion. The virtual reality headset is available for purchase through Samsung and AT&T now.

As mentioned before, the Gear VR Innovator Edition is available in Frost White along with an optional GamePad. It features a 96° FoV (Field of View) optical lens, a touchpad, a back button, and a focus adjustment wheel. It is equipped with accelerometer, gyro sensor, proximity sensor, and geomagnetic sensor. It connects to the Galaxy Note 4 through the microUSB port. See our earlier post for an idea about what kind of content will be made available. The announcement came via Samsung’s email service (screenshot below).



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