Samsung refutes reports of ChatOn being shut down in certain markets

Well, it seems among the many changes Samsung is planning on making to its mobile strategy in coming months, shutting down ChatOn in certain markets as earlier reported isn’t one of them. A report from The Korea Times suggested Samsung will be removing the ChatOn service from certain markets around the world, but the Korean manufacturer has now come out to clarify that it will be doing no such thing. “The recent rumors concerning ChatOn have been false, as ChatOn will continue to be offered to consumers worldwide,” Samsung has said in a statement to The Verge. 

That’s pretty much the only confirmation we need that ChatOn, while not exactly a popular name in the messaging game, will continue to be an option for Samsung users. But with competitors like WhatsApp and WeChat constantly adding new users to their services, ChatOn will likely continue to be a small player for the foreseeable future, even if Samsung can get back to selling as many smartphones as it had until a year ago (and still is, despite the reduced sales and profits.)


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