Samsung’s ChatON messaging service reaches 100 million users

Samsung has announced that its ChatON messaging service now has a global subscriber base of over 100 million users, two years after it was launched, and four months after it hit the 50 million subscriber base. According to Samsung, ChatON has enjoyed steady growth in countries such as India, China, and the US, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Middle East.

There are several factors that have worked in ChatON’s favor, despite the presence of more popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp (which has over 300 million active users), according to the Korean manufacturer. Its international availability in a variety of languages – 63 in total, 10 of those from India alone, with 13 more coming by the end of the year – is one of those factors, while the fact that it comes preloaded on almost every Samsung device has also helped it along.


The subscriber base would have been even larger if people were aware that ChatON is available on most platforms and can be used by non-Samsung devices as well, but Samsung hasn’t exactly successful in that endeavor. 100 million users is still an impressive feat, however, though it remains to be seen if it can continue the huge growth in user base in the future.

Any of you use ChatON? Any particular reason why you like it, or don’t like it?


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