Samsung ChatON shutting down on February 1st

Samsung can’t seem to make up its mind about ChatON, its not so popular messaging service for its Galaxy series of phones and tablets. The company recently refuted a rumor that ChatON was shutting down, but has now said that the service will indeed be seeing its demise in the near future. ChatON will cease to function from February 1st except in the US, where it will shut down sometime in the first quarter, and existing users will be able to back up all their data.

Samsung has said that it has taken the decision to stop offering its messaging service due to “changing market conditions”, which is to say ChatON wasn’t really going anywhere among heavy competition from WhatsApp and other messaging services. Let us know whether you use ChatON or not, and if you will be disappointed that it will not be available for use in a couple of months.


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