Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could be launched in these countries

The Galaxy Note 4 might have been the device everybody had been waiting for, but Samsung surprised us with the announcement of the Galaxy Note Edge, which sports all the features of the Galaxy Note 4 but adds a curved screen to the mix. We know that the Galaxy Note Edge will be the first Samsung smartphone with a curved screen to get a wide international release, but we also know that it won’t be getting launched everywhere. The four major carriers in the US are slated to launch it later this year, and we have managed to find out that Samsung has also been testing the Galaxy Note Edge for a few other countries.

Here’s the list of countries for which Samsung has been testing the Galaxy Note Edge, along with the related model numbers:

  • • SM-N915L – LUC – Korea (LG Uplus)
  • • SM-N915S – SKC – Korea (SKT)
  • • SM-N915T – TMB – T-Mobile US
  • • SM-N915G – SIN – Singapore (SingTel)
  • • SM-N915G – XSP – Singapore
  • • SM-N915G – TEL – Australia (Telstra)
  • • SM-N915G – OPS – Australia (Optus)
  • • SM-N915G – XSA – Australia
  • • SM-N915G – VAU – Australia (Vodafone)
  • • SM-N915G – MM1 – Singapore
  • • SM-N915G – STH – Singapore (StarHub)
  • • SM-N915G – YOG – Spain (Yoigo)

Even though Samsung might be testing the device in these countries, there is no guarantee that the Galaxy Note Edge will be available in all those markets, though there is a high chance that it might be. As always, nothing is official until Samsung gives the word, and we will be sure to pass along any information about the Galaxy Note Edge release as and when we come across it.

Head over to this page to check out our hands-on of the Galaxy Note Edge.

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2 years 7 months ago

when you release at Middle East

2 years 7 months ago


2 years 7 months ago

How about Mexico? I would like to!

2 years 7 months ago

Indian has the world’s second largest Smart phones users , then don’t they ship it here.

Cockroach Slayer
2 years 7 months ago

I just visited the Russian version of the samsung website and they got a form to leave your contact details, so they could then inform you of when the device will become available for pre-order.

2 years 7 months ago

Isnt there a note edge for Egypt??
I was waiting for the note edge and galaxy curve and now you lunch the note edge and I dont get it!! why??
I think you will lunch the galaxy curve with the galaxy s6 but I wish to be available in Egypt or to be an International version like the GALAXY S5,NOTE 4 and so on

2 years 7 months ago

Please samsung launch it in india also.

2 years 7 months ago

I’m hoping it’s released in NZ or I’ll be annoyed

2 years 7 months ago

Want to see it for myself thanks!