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There’s a lot of stuff that happens in the mobile industry, something that is especially true when it comes to giants like Samsung. If you missed out on some (or all) of what happened in the last 24 hours or so, well, here’s a recap of all the big things that went down.

Samsung revealed how other manufacturers have shown no interest in adopting its Super AMOLED displays in mobile devices, and the company was accused of employing child labor at one of its Chinese factories. The Samsung Apps store was renamed to Galaxy Apps on phones and tablets, and rumors surfaced of Samsung letting go of KNOX after recently offering it to Google for integration into the core of Android.

Samsung also announced a new Exynos chip, the Exynos ModAP, a quad-core SoC that integrates a 4G LTE modem to finally put the Exynos chips at par with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs in terms of connectivity. Over in India, word got out that Samsung is planning to launch a new Galaxy Ace variant called the Galaxy Ace NXT, with extremely low-end hardware coupled with a not-so-low price.

Here’s the full rundown:

As usual, a lot of devices got general firmware updates as well, so here’s a list of all the updates that rolled to Samsung devices yesterday (as always, you can download all these firmware and more from our firmware section):

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Australia (XSA)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Baltic (SEB)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
Baltic (GT-N8020RWDSEB)GT-N8020GALAXY Note 10.1N8020XDALK4
Baltic (SEB)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANDD
Baltic (SEB)GT-I9301IGALAXY S3 Neo+4.4.2I9301IXXUANF4
Baltic (SEB)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
Baltic (GT-N8020TADSEB)GT-N8020GALAXY Note 10.1N8020XDALK4
Baltic (SEB)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNF1
Baltic (SEB)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANF2
Baltic (SEB)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNC4
Brazil (ZTO)GT-I8552BGALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552BUBUANF1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-I8552BGALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552BUBUAND1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-S5570BGALAXY mini2.3.6S5570BVJKPB
Brazil (Claro) (ZTA)SM-G110B4.4.2G110BXXU0ANG1
Bulgaria (BGL)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB9
Bulgaria (BGL)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNF1
Bulgaria (BGL)GT-I9301IGALAXY S3 Neo+4.4.2I9301IXXUANF4
Cambodia (CAM)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Canada (XAC)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T310XXUBNE9
Chile (CHO)GT-I9200GALAXY Mega
Chile (CHO)GT-I9200GALAXY Mega
China (CHU)GT-I8580GALAXY Core Advance4.2.2I8580ZNUANF1
China (CHM)SM-G3818GALAXY Win Pro4.2.2G3818ZMUANF3
China (CHU)SM-G3812GALAXY Win Pro DUOS4.2.2G3812ZNUANF1
China (CHU)SM-G3812GALAXY Win Pro DUOS4.2.2G3812ZNUANE1
China (Anycall) (CTC)SCH-I679GALAXY Ace 34.3I679KEUANF2
Colombia (COO)SM-T331GALAXY Tab4 8.0 3G4.4.2T331XXU1ANF2
Colombia (COO)GT-S6810LGALAXY Fame4.1.2S6810LUBAML3
Colombia (COO)SM-T805M4.4.2T805MUBU1ANG1
Colombia (COO)SM-G800M4.4.2G800MUBU1ANG1
Czech Republic (ETL)GT-I8730GALAXY ExpressI8730XWAMC4
Czech Republic (ETL)GT-I8730GALAXY Express4.1.2I8730XWANE1
Czech Republic (Vodafone) (VDC)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNF2
France (SFR) (SFR)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100XXUEMK9
France (SFR) (SFR)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFNE1
Germany (DBT)GT-S7390GALAXY Trend Lite4.1.2S7390XXUANF1
Germany (DBT)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNG2
Germany (DBT)GT-I8730GALAXY Express4.1.2I8730XWANE1
Germany (DBT)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNF2
Germany (DBT)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.3P605XXUBMJ9
Germany (DBT)GT-S7390GALAXY Trend Lite4.1.2S7390XXUAMI2
Germany (Black Edition)(DBT)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNG2
Germany (Black Edition)(DBT)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNF1
Germany (1&1) (XEG)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGNA2
Germany (1&1) (XEG)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGND5
Germany (T-Mobile) (DTM)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTE4.4.2N7105XXUFNE3
Germany (T-Mobile) (DTM)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTEN7105XXDMA5
Germany (T-Mobile) (GT-N7105TADDTM)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTEN7105XXDLL7
Germany (Vodafone) (VD2)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNF2
Greece (Vodafone) (VGR)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAMF4
Greece (Vodafone) (VGR)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAND2
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNF3
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDND2
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-T2105GALAXY Tab3 Kids4.1.2T2105ZHAND2
Hungary (VDH) (VDH)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAMF4
Hungary (VDH) (VDH)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAND2
Indonesia (XSE)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Italy (H3G) (HUI)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTE4.4.2N7105XXUFNE3
Italy (H3G) (HUI)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTE4.3N7105XXUEML4
Kenya (AFR)GT-I9060GALAXY Grand Neo4.2.2I9060XWUANC1
Kenya (KEN)GT-I9060GALAXY Grand Neo4.2.2I9060XWUANC1
Korea (KT Corporation) (KTC)SM-G710K4.3G710KKTUANF2
Korea (SK Telecom) (SKC)SM-T255S4.3T255SKSUANF3
Libya (BTC)SM-G355H4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Macedonia (VIM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNG1
Macedonia (VIM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Malaysia (XME)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Netherlands (PHN)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANF3
Netherlands (PHN)EK-GN120GALAXY NX4.2.2GN120XXUAND3
Netherlands (PHN)EK-GN120GALAXY NX4.2.2GN120XXUAMG8
Netherlands (T-Mobile) (TNL)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTE4.1.2N7105XXDMJ1
Netherlands (T-Mobile) (TNL)GT-N7105GALAXY Note II LTE4.4.2N7105XXUFNE3
New Zealand (NZC)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Nigeria (ECT)SM-G313H4.4.2G313HXXU0ANG3
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XXUANF4
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNE2
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-S7390GALAXY Trend Lite4.1.2S7390XXUAMI2
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-S7390GALAXY Trend Lite4.1.2S7390XXUANF1
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNF2
Philippines (Globe) (GLB)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Philippines (Open Line) (XTC)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Philippines (Smart) (SMA)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Poland (XEO)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XXUANF4
Portugal (MEO)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Portugal (TMN) (TMN)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
Portugal (TMN) (TMN)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNF1
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB9
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNF2
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)GT-N5120GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE4.1.2N5120XXBME1
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)GT-N5120GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE4.4.2N5120XXDNE4
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)GT-S7390GALAXY Trend Lite4.1.2S7390XXUANF1
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)GT-N5120GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE4.4.2N5120XXDNE4
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)GT-N5120GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE4.2.2N5120XXCMI1
Russia (SER)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANF1
Russia (SER)SM-G130H4.4.2G130HXXU0ANF8
Saudi Arabia (ACR)SM-G355H4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-T330GALAXY Tab4 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T330XXU1ANF2
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-G313H4.4.2G313HXXU0ANG3
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-T330GALAXY Tab4 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T330XXU1ANDA
Singapore (XSP)SM-T7054.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Singapore (MM1)SM-T7054.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Singapore (XSP)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Singapore (XSP)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Singapore (MM1)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Singapore (SingTel) (SIN)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Singapore (SingTel) (SIN)SM-T7054.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Singapore (StarHub) (STH)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Singapore (StarHub) (STH)SM-T7054.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Slovenia (SIO)GT-S7390GALAXY Trend Lite4.1.2S7390XXUANF1
Slovenia (Mobitel) (MOT)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAND2
Slovenia (Si.mobil) (SIM)GT-N5120GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE4.1.2N5120XXBME1
Slovenia (Si.mobil) (SIM)GT-N5120GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE4.4.2N5120XXDNE4
South Africa (XFA)GT-S5280GALAXY Star4.1.2S5280XXANG1
South Africa (Vodafone) (XFV)SM-T111GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 3G4.2.2T111XXUANB2
South East Europe (SEE)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNF1
South East Europe (SEE)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNG1
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E330SGALAXY S44.4.2E330SKSUCNG1
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E330SGALAXY S44.4.2E330SKSUCNG1
Spain (PHE)SM-C115Galaxy K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1BNF1
Spain (PHE)GT-I9195GALAXY S4 mini LTE4.2.2I9195XXUBML4
Spain (PHE)GT-I9195GALAXY S4 mini LTE4.4.2I9195XXUCNE6
Spain (Vodafone) (ATL)GT-I9195GALAXY S4 mini LTE4.2.2I9195XXUBML1
Spain (Vodafone) (ATL)GT-I9195GALAXY S4 mini LTE4.4.2I9195XXUCNEA
Sri Lanka (SLK)SM-N9005GALAXY Note 3 LTE4.4.2N9005XXUENE2
Switzerland (Swisscom) (SWC)GT-I9195GALAXY S4 mini LTE4.2.2I9195XXUBNA2
Switzerland (Swisscom) (SWC)GT-I9195GALAXY S4 mini LTE4.4.2I9195XXUCNEA
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNE3
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNF3
Thailand (THL)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Thailand (THL)SM-G130H4.4.2G130HXXU0ANG2
Tunisia (TUN)SM-G355H4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Turkey (TUR)SM-T330GALAXY Tab4 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T330XXU1ANDA
Turkey (TUR)SM-T330GALAXY Tab4 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T330XXU1ANF2
USA (T-Mobile) (TMB)SM-T337T4.4.2T337TUVU1ANF4
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-S5280GALAXY Star4.1.2S5280XXANG1
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
United Arab Emirates (LYS)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-S5280GALAXY Star4.1.2S5280XXAMF1
Unknown (THW)SM-G355M4.4.2G355MUBU0ANG1
Unknown (LEB)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Unknown (CHC)SM-T705C4.4.2T705CZCU1ANF8
Uruguay (UFU)GT-S5310LGALAXY Pocket Neo4.1.2S5310LUBANA2
Vietnam (XXV)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANFB

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