Samsung announces quad-core Exynos ModAP chip with integrated 4G LTE modem

As expected, Samsung has announced a new Exynos chip, though it’s not the Exynos 5433 that we expected would be the star of today’s announcement. Samsung has unveiled its new Exynos ModAP chipset, a quad-core unit with an integrated modem for 4G LTE connectivity (on both FDD and TDD), built on the 28nm HKMG process. ModAP supports LTE speeds up to the LTE-A (LTE Advanced) standard, though it’s unclear if the max speeds will be 150 Mbps or 225 Mbps, but either way, the Exynos ModAP chip finally brings Samsung into the same league as Qualcomm, a chip maker that has been offering SoCs with built-in LTE modems for almost two years.

According to Samsung, the Exynos ModAP chip also offers faster multitasking, and the usual support for high-resolution cameras, though it remains to be seen if 4K recording is part of the feature list. Samsung hasn’t listed any detailed technical specifications for the chip yet, though it will probably rectify that soon. It will be interesting to see if Exynos ModAP will be powering mid-range devices or flagship ones, given it only has four processing cores, but again, we’ll have to wait for more details before we can get an answer to all those questions.


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2 years 9 months ago


2 years 9 months ago

Does it stick with the excellent wolfson audio DAC is the real question

2 years 9 months ago

Sorry but did it mention the availability of this brand new Exynos LTE chip?

2 years 9 months ago

Nothing ill be better then Snapdragon

2 years 9 months ago

Looks Promising .. but need to look into more details ..