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Samsung Display CEO: Other OEMs are not licensing our Super AMOLED technology


Last updated: July 10th, 2014 at 08:48 UTC+02:00

Samsung swears by its Super AMOLED display technology, a technology it has been improving with every new flagship since the original Galaxy S. However, according to Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-geun, while Samsung's mobile division has been adopting Super AMOLED displays for its devices, other firms have shown no interest in doing the same. “Currently, the problem is that we have nowhere else to sell our products besides Samsung Electronics' mobile division,” Park said. “In the case of China's smartphone market, we are only just beginning (to expand there).”

Other major manufacturers have dabbled in AMOLED displays, including Motorola and Nokia, but they have either developed their own tech or licensed standard AMOLED displays from other firms. Most of them have been content with using LCD displays (such as HTC, a company that has continually offered the best LCD experience on its flagships), and Park has been unable to offer a reason why other OEMs continue to avoid its Super AMOLED technology.

It's possible that most companies are unwilling to license a technology from Samsung, the largest player in the smartphone world, as all of them are trying to compete and would rather pay other display makers that don't have a successful mobile division eating all the smartphone profits. In case of players like HTC, another reason could be the fact that Super AMOLED displays have always had some issue or the other, such as not-so-natural colors and bluish or greenish whites, issues that have only begun to disappear/dissipate since last year.