Samsung patent hints at what the Galaxy Note 4 could look like

A Samsung official recently said that the Galaxy Note 4 would feature a “new form factor,” and the most prevalent speculation was that this form factor would entail a three-sided display, especially since a Galaxy Note device with such a display has been the talk of rumors quite a few times in the past. Samsung has already demoed a three-sided curved display on a prototype device last year, and now, a patent application that has appeared online could be a good hint at what the Galaxy Note 4 could look like, provided the Korean manufacturer does opt for a curved display to front the new form factor.

The patent application shows a device concept, which reduces the chances of it making it to an actual product any time soon. However, the concept itself is pretty interesting: instead of a display that just folds to the side, the display in the concept folds all the way to the back on either side of the device. A separate patent had earlier revealed that Samsung has been toying with a new interface concept with such a wraparound display in mind, which, along with the company’s statements about a new form factor on the Galaxy Note 4, certainly make this concept one of the candidates for the new form factor on Samsung’s next phablet.




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