Galaxy S5 teased by O2 Germany, might launch by end of February

By now, we have a clear indication of the hardware details of the Galaxy S5, thanks to the numerous leaks, rumors and benchmarks. What was missing was an official launch date by a carrier. O2 Germany has put that to bed by launching an official teaser site for the Galaxy S5. The German carrier will likely be one of the first to start carrying the Galaxy S5, and has stated that it might start carrying the device by the end of February by mentioning, “Ende Februar mehr erfahren”, which means “The end of February to learn more.”

Samsung is set to officially unveil the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress next week, so it is likely that carriers get a hold of the device as soon as the announcement is done. Samsung usually doesn’t wait in launching its flagship handsets after announcing them. O2 does not allude to the handset as the Galaxy S5, but the title of the page says, “Anticipation High 5.” The page also has a form that allows users to get more information regarding the availability of the handset. The teaser image on the site does not showcase the device, but it does feature a device submerged in water, which might indicate that the Galaxy S5 might come with a water resistant feature. It has been mentioned that Samsung is looking to include dust and water resistance features in its high-end handsets this year, so it is likely that the manufacturer intends to start with the Galaxy S5.




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Galaxy S5 activ? Or just simply photoshop.


The airbubbles under water are part of the O2 corporate identity, they use it often in tv commercials. i dont think that this is a indicator for a waterresistant device.


Actually means “Ende Februar mehr erfahren”, “Learn more at the end of February” 😛