Samsung set to unveil Galaxy Tab 4 and Galaxy Gear 2 at MWC

Yesterday, leaked specs indicated the imminent arrival of the Galaxy Tab 4 series. It looks like we don’t have to wait that long to see the devices launched, as Samsung is going to unveil the new series at the Mobile World Congress next week. The leaked hardware details mention three versions in the Galaxy Tab 4 series, with similar screen sizes to tablets in the Tab 3 series. This time around, all tablets feature quad-core processors, and it is likely that they could come with Exynos hardware. Samsung is looking to increase its market share in the mobile processor segment, and aims to sell more tablets with Exynos hardware. With the high-end Galaxy Tab Pro series featuring a mix of Qualcomm and Samsung Exynos hardware, it is likely that the Tab 4 series would do the same.

In addition to the Galaxy Tab 4 series, the manufacturer is also looking to launch the next-generation smartwatch, which will be called the Galaxy Gear 2. According to local industry sources, the Gear 2 will feature an entirely redesigned look and will likely come with a flexible screen. It will also be available at a more reasonable price and will have added functionality.

Samsung is looking to focus on all three categories at the MWC: smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. In the mobile segment, we are going to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S5, along with a few mid-tier devices. Samsung’s MWC event will kick off on February 24, and we will be there to cover it.



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