Samsung ready to produce AMOLED displays for tablets

Launching new tablets with AMOLED screens is among the most exciting things Samsung is about to do this year, and it looks like we just got one step closer to seeing the company launch an AMOLED tablet. According to ETNews, Samsung will begin to mass produce AMOLED displays for tablets next month, starting off with an 8-inch version. The Korean manufacturer is expected to launch both 8- and 10-inch AMOLED tablets, and three tablets that recently shipped to India for testing, both with 8-inch and 10.1-inch screens, might just be ones that Samsung brings to the market to kick things off.

Provided Samsung is able to produce enough units by the end of February, there’s a high chance we’ll see these AMOLED tablets on display at Mobile World Congress, followed by a market launch perhaps in March or early April. So if you’ve been planning on getting one of Samsung’s new PRO tablets, well, you might just want to hold off for a couple of months.



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Um…are you forgetting about the Galaxy Tab 7.7? Not only did Samsung forget about it, seems the media have too.

Danny D.
Danny D.

See the picture by this article.