Seidio’s OBEX Waterproof case announced for Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 will probably never get a waterproof variant like the Galaxy S4 did, but you can still protect your beloved phablet from the elements thanks to Seidio’s new OBEX waterproof case for the Note 3, announced at CES. The case carries an IP68 rating for protection against water for up to 30 minutes at 2 meters, with flaps and membranes protecting areas such as microphones, speakers, USB and headphone ports; it’s also dust-resistant, can handle falls from a height of 6 feet at different angles, and an anti-reflection glass protects the camera lens without affecting any photos that you’d take.

The case will cost $79, with an additional $10 adding a holster as well. A release date hasn’t been announced, though it should become available within a month or so.



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