Report: Galaxy Note 3 Lite enters production, might account for 30% of total Note 3 sales

According to a new report published by the Korean media, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite, which we exclusively confirmed would be launching in 2014, has entered into mass production on December 12th. Moreover, Samsung is reportedly expecting the Note 3 Lite to account for 30 percent of all sales of the Galaxy Note 3 lineup – a rather lofty goal, but one that the company might be able to achieve if it plays its cards right in terms of pricing and doesn’t offer too much of a downgraded product compared to the flagship Note 3.

The report also mentions that the display size will remain at 5.68-inches, as Samsung wants to keep the benefits of the S Pen unaffected with the Lite variant of the device, while differentiating it enough so as not to affect sales of the Note 3. Other specs are still unknown – the display might be changed to an LCD unit and the camera downgraded to 8-megapixel, but speculation is all we can do when it comes to the Note 3 Lite’s hardware.

As we noted before, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will be announced the Mobile World Congress in February, and will be available in markets from late February/March in black and white colors.

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