Samsung’s 12.2-inch tablet was initially envisioned as a Nexus?

A leaked render is all we’ve seen of Samsung’s oft-rumored 12.2 inch tablet, but it’s been talked about in multiple reports in the last few months. Now, the latest report from DigiTimes is once again mentioning the very same tablet, revealing a few new details. Apparently, Samsung was initially looking to launch the tablet as a Nexus tablet in collaboration with Google, but scrapped those plans as Google is currently focusing on the 7-inch form factor.

The tablet is reportedly being developed in-house, and is expected to be a part of the Note family, meaning it should come with an S Pen, which would make sense as a stylus would be quite useful on a 12.2-inch device. Back in mid-September, we saw what is supposedly this 12.2-inch tablet pass through Bluetooth certification, hinting that a release or official announcement could be close, but there’s still not enough info to speculate on when we can expect to see it being actually launched in the market.



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