Samsung tests KNOX security program for the Galaxy S4 in Europe

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Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 to support KNOX, SamMobile insiders have confirmed. Samsung KNOX is the comprehensive enterprise mobile solution where it gives the peace of mind to enterprises with the security and the freedom for the user to use it as a personal without the risk of losing of data due to theft. Samsung announced KNOX at MWC 2013 in Barcelona but Samsung couldn’t launch the KNOX in time for the Galaxy S4. Samsung KNOX will be pre-installed on the Galaxy Note III. We are quite happy to see that Samsung cares about the protection of privacy on files from Samsung customers.

We are not sure if Samsung KNOX could be deleted after, which in that case could mean more sacrifice of the built-in memory space.


FW details: 
Nordic Countries – I9505XXABMG6/I9505OXXBMG2_KNOX/I9505XXABMG6
Hungary – I9505XXABMG6/I9505OXXBMG2_KNOX/I9505XXABMG6
The Netherlands – I9505XXABMG6/I9505PHNBMG3_KNOX/I9505XXABMG6
France – I9505XXABMG6/I9505OXXBMG2_KNOX/I9505XXABMG6


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4 years 6 months ago

Looks like the Dutch are once again labrats voor Samsung.
We are still waiting Samsung for the bloody App2SD feature Samsung.
Wake the f*ck up Samsung. Give us I9505XXUBMF8!

4 years 6 months ago

the App2SD Feature will probably within the BMG6…