Samsung Galaxy S IV to feature a 3D Camera?

Samsung has filed for a pair of patents regarding 3D Video/Image capturing and a new Panorama Camera System. Samsung mainly filed for a patent of its Trademark Logo for a 3D Camera and a patent that covers a new panoramic camera lens, the new Panorama Camera system would improve image quality and some special lens specific features. This is a coincidence or the Galaxy S IV could feature a camera sensor capable of capturing 3D Videos and 3D Images.

These patents could actually be for the next generation Galaxy Camera or a Tablet or a high-end standalone camera and the list goes on and on, there are endless possibilities. But we have noticed one thing, the number “4″ in Samsung Galaxy S IV’s teaser poster is in 3D which could mean that the Galaxy S IV could actually use these technologies. We will know everything very soon as Samsung will be annoucing the Galaxy S IV on March 14th in New York, USA.

The Galaxy S IV is rumoured to feature an Exynos 5 (5410) Octa CPU, PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU, 4.99″ Full HD AMOLED Display, 2GB of RAM, 13 Megapixel Rear facing Camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS, 2 Megapixel front facing camera capable of shooting 1080p HD Videos and run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box.


(Source: PatentBolt – Via: AndroidCommunity)

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4 years 1 month ago

one ques! PowerVR SGX 544MP3 as written above & other posts of sammobile is same as PowerVR SGX 544MP (Which is shown in Benchmarks Screenshots Leaked ) ??? Mp3 is having 3 core Mp not with 3 cores?

4 years 1 month ago

Extra features are always nice but is there any point to having a 3D camera these days? Do people really use them on a regular basis enough for high end phones to put the time into having the tech? I personally wouldn’t lose any sleep if the 3D camera feature was not there and would prefer a high MPX quality over 3D.

4 years 1 month ago

Lol! All these comments? Just had a great time reading them. You guys are just so funny. Yeah the S IV may not cure cancer, but you might. A merry heart does good like medicine. Proverbs 17:22.
4 years 1 month ago

Its sure Samsung add something new technology in GS4 thats why SONY decided to launch their Z device before SamSung. Its totally different from XperiaZ and LG OpG…

4 years 1 month ago

I think it has nothing to do with the Galaxy S4!
Samsung recently a 3D capable Mirrorless Camera which is the world’s first camera to have a Single Lens 3D system. The patent might be for that!

4 years 1 month ago

The camera is called NX300.

4 years 1 month ago

maybe the “4″ is in 3D style because it simply looks better than a flat number?

I’m also not an Apple fanboy. I had an iPod touch and hated it. Currently, I own a S2.

I also like 3D that’s why I have a dedicated 3D compact camera for this purpose.

You make it sound like that you are very sure that the SIV has 3D which I doubt.

I guess then that tomorrow you’re going to report that S IV is waterproof. The day after tomorrow you’ll report that it can also record and play 4K video.

On Thursday then, it’ll all crumble when Samsung releases only a slightly bigger and faster SIII with almost the same design.

4 years 1 month ago

this is innovation, Samsung fighting !
i don’t know why apple cheerleader are on here, they should go suck steve jobs d!ck.
apple is going down, their stocks dropped nearly 50%, so happy.

4 years 1 month ago

hey papple boy! jump to the next page!

4 years 1 month ago

Yeah, I also heard it can fly to the moon, cure cancer and levitate. In addition, it can transform itself into the Galaxy S V when it is released next year.

Honestly, it just gets more and more ridiculous the closer the announcement of the S IV is comming. Why don’t you just stop posting this stuff and wait for the 14th?

As of now, I really doubt that you have some clue at all. Just guessing and throwing around with specs. Everytime I come here, there are more new terms like “phamoled” and “floting touch”.

I know why you are posting this stuff: To generate clicks, visitors and thus income.

4 years 1 month ago

Tell me why you are here, on this website?

4 years 1 month ago

I was wondering the same question
4 years 1 month ago

If you dont have anything to post, then dont get angry about any post. just enjoy lol. @drsoran2

Joe Mitri
4 years 1 month ago

Me too ! why are you here ?

4 years 1 month ago

Lol maybe you should check our history of leaks ;)
Have a nice day!

4 years 1 month ago

Idk know if it’s relevant or not, but both videos were uploaded with the option to play back in 3d. With that said a few of their other videos have the option.