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Last updated: May 31st, 2020 at 14:00 UTC+01:00

Samsung should unveil its next high-end tablet by the end of the summer, likely alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and the sequel to the Galaxy Fold. This year, the upcoming Galaxy Tab S7 might not be alone, as evidence suggests that Samsung is planning to release a larger Galaxy Tab S7+ model at the same time.

The Galaxy Tab S6 was without a doubt the best Android tablet of 2019, and we expect the Galaxy Tab S7 lineup to be worthy of carrying the same label. As we’re getting closer to the tablets’ debut with each passing day, we can’t help but think of all the ways in which Samsung could or should improve its high-end tablet formula. The Galaxy Tab S7, or at least the Galaxy Tab S7+, could be perfect, and we think the following features and/or improvements would help the series achieve greatness.

Water resistance (IP67/IP68)

An IP rating that guarantees dust and water resistance has become the norm for the majority of Samsung’s high-end mobile products, and we think it’s time for this philosophy to make its way onto the company’s top-tier tablet lineup.

Water resistance would elevate the Galaxy Tab S7 series to another level and its inclusion would represent a considerable upgrade over all of its predecessors. If there’s one feature every SamMobile team member wants from the upcoming high-end tablet, it’s an IP67/IP68 rating.

Thinner bezels all around

Samsung’s tablets have had increasingly thinner bezels over the years, and we think the company should continue walking this path. Why not borrow a page from the smartphone book and treat the Galaxy Tab S7 series with even thinner bezels than last year’s model?

With proper palm rejection software, we wouldn’t mind seeing the Galaxy Tab S7 lineup adopting a bezel-less design, even to the point where an Infinity-O display with a center punch hole for the selfie camera would become a necessity as a result.

A 90/120Hz high refresh display

Samsung took its first step in the high refresh rate mobile display scene with the Galaxy S20 series. It fitted the flagship trio with 120Hz AMOLED panels, and it’s expected to do the same for the Galaxy Note 20. We think Samsung should fit the Galaxy Tab S7 lineup, or at the very least, the Galaxy Tab S7+ with a high refresh rate panel that can top either 90Hz or 120Hz.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ with its rumored 12.4-inch display seemingly shapes up to be a direct iPad Pro competitor, so in order to succeed in that regard, a high refresh rate display is almost required. The tablet’s rumored rated battery capacity of 10,090 mAh should be able to handle all those extra frames, and having a high refresh rate on such a large display could contribute to a fantastic user experience.

45W fast charging

Speaking of batteries, another feature the Galaxy Tab S7 series could benefit from is 45W fast charging, especially if the Galaxy Tab S7+ has a generous 10,090 mAh battery.

Recharging a large tablet-grade battery of 10,000mAh on 15W fast charging will take a considerably longer time. Samsung should push the limits beyond the existing 15W fast charging rate of the Galaxy Tab S6, and we think 45W fast charging would be a game-changing feature for the Galaxy Tab S7, or at least the Galaxy Tab S7+.

Better speakers and cameras

The Galaxy Tab S6 already has very good speakers tuned by AKG, so improving this area isn’t necessarily a high priority. However, with a high refresh rate display enhancing the multimedia experience, we’d love to see even better speakers on the Galaxy Tab S7 series.

Similarly, even though tablets aren’t always the most convenient devices for taking photos, Samsung did push the bar higher with the Galaxy Tab S6’s dual rear-facing camera combo, and the Galaxy Tab S7 could benefit from an even better camera setup.

Faster software updates and monthly security patches

Samsung’s flagship tablets don’t get the same software support as its flagship phones, and we think it’s time for this to change. Both the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Tab S6 were released in August 2019 running Android 9 out of the box, but while the Galaxy Note 10 series received Android 10 last December, the Galaxy Tab S6 made the jump to the newer OS version less than two months ago at the beginning of April.

We believe Samsung should release major firmware updates for its high-end tablets at a much faster rate. Furthermore, Samsung needs to stop putting new tablets on the quarterly security patch update schedule and it should give the Galaxy Tab S7 series monthly security patches.

Wrapping up the Galaxy Tab S7 series wishlist

We’re aware that adding every one of these features to the Galaxy Tab S7 series or the Galaxy Tab S7+ would lead to higher production costs and a higher price tag at launch. You can’t have one without the other, so we don’t necessarily want Samsung to add every one of these features to its upcoming flagship tablet series if it would result in unreasonable prices. However, at least some of these additions and/or improvements must be included in the Galaxy Tab S7 flagship tablet package.

What features would you like to see being added to the Galaxy Tab S7 lineup? Is there one feature in particular for which you’d be willing to pay extra? Feel free to let us know below.

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