Samsung’s patent envisions ‘over the air’ wireless charging

The current use of the term ‘wireless charging’ is a bit of a misnomer. Unlike wireless internet where devices can connect to the internet without any wires, current wireless charging technologies still depend on physically placing the device on a charging pad connected to a power socket. They are essentially easy-to-use wired charging solutions that don’t require connecting the phone or a tablet to a charging cable directly.

What’s next for wireless charging

It is a given that both the consumers and the companies dream about an ‘over the air’ wireless charging technology. Many companies around the world have been working to turn this dream into a reality, and Samsung is one of them. Being the largest vendor of many electronic devices in the world, it is natural for Samsung to be interested in developing easy ways to charge devices.

A Samsung patent published recently in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) database confirms Samsung’s interest in developing a truly wireless charging technology. The patent was originally filed in 2016 in South Korea and describes a way to focus the energy on a particular device in the room. The system Samsung envisages can not only focus power on specific devices but can also circumvent obstacles using reflectors and charge the devices in the room. What this essentially means is that a user can walk around with his phone or a tablet while it is charging wirelessly.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this patent will turn into a real commercial product as is the case with many patents. However, there is no doubt this is the next logical evolution of the current wireless charging technologies. Over the air wireless charging is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Let’s hope Samsung can overcome all the barriers and bring this futuristic technology into our lives soon.


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This is not a new thing, I don’t understand how they got a patent.
There is a small company called Wi-Tricity from about 10 years ago,
resurrecting age old ideas from Nikola Tesla from over 100 years ago.
Magic wireless electricity, the only thing holding them back is safety to humans :/


Would you want to walk around the house with your phone in your pocket while high energy microwave electricity is targeted at your balls region? I certainly wouldn’t!! 😂


Well we know that this won’t be happening, they’re clearly stated they are no longer interested in being first on the market, so we can expect no innovations from Samsung. Refinements for the future


No, it means that they won’t sacrifice customer’s satisfactory (something that is not yet well developed) over being the first for doing something. You can see how they put the variable aperture on the S9