Exclusive: Samsung’s next Galaxy Fold will be sold worldwide

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone has made quite the comeback. Despite the early troubles, it has come back stronger and is actually selling out in markets where it’s being sold. The Galaxy Fold won’t be the only foldable smartphone to come out of Samsung, though.

It has been known for a while that the company is working on another foldable smartphone. From what we gather, this is going to be a slightly more affordable version, and we now hear that it’s going to be made available worldwide. Samsung is currently selling the Galaxy Fold in select markets and that too in limited quantities.

Next Galaxy Fold will see a wider release

That was to be expected. It’s not going to end up making more units of the Galaxy Fold than it can sell. What the first device is doing more than anything is taking the market’s temperature, so to speak. It will help Samsung understand just how big of a demand there is for foldable smartphones and what improvements or features customers would like in subsequent models.

We exclusively reported last month that the new Galaxy Fold, bearing model number SM-F700F, is going to feature 256GB of internal storage as opposed to 512GB on the original model. That may very well be a conscious choice on Samsung’s part to keep the price down. We now hear that Samsung is going to offer the new Galaxy Fold worldwide, including in markets like North America, China and Samsung’s home country of South Korea.

A wider launch will obviously make sense for the next iteration of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung has shown to the market with the original model that this can be done, that foldable smartphones aren’t a far-fetched idea. An affordable model that’s more widely available should end up doing well in the market. Samsung isn’t likely to launch the new model until next year, though.

Would you be willing to consider the new Galaxy Fold? What’s a price tag you feel would be appropriate for the device? Let us know in the comments below.

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